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  • Guide around Montenegro

    The Tara River is the longest mountain river in Montenegro. It is 144 km long. It is the longest canyon in Montenegro and Europe and second longest in the world after Grand Canyon. The canyon stretches along the mountains Durmitor and Sinjajevina, the total length is 82 km and the depth is 1300 meters. The canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Durmitor National Park. The Tara deep river with its crystal clear water emerges from the confluence of the Opasnica and Veruša Rivers. It flows over Montenegro in the north and over Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it makes confluence with Piva, becomes the Drina river.

    The river was named after the Illyrian tribe "Autariatae", who lived near river bed in IV-V centuries.
    In 1937 a picturesque bridge named after Đurđevića was built, which was the only road connecting south and north lands for a long time. The bridge is amazing with its architecture. It crosses the canyon at the height of 150 meters and consists of five huge arches with the total length 370 meters.
    The Tara river is the biggest river in Montenegro, which is also the biggest natural store in Europe of fresh water suitable for consumption. The bottom of the river is stone without any vegetation, thanks to this water does not require any additional filtration and has an amazing taste.
    Rafting is still the most popular extreme sport in the Tara river region, organized by local agencies in summer. You can order excursion in any resort towns of the shore or by visiting Durmitor or Zhabljak, or Đurđevića Bridge. Besides, the cliffs are also popular among the tourists. Those who fond of hiking, will enjoy special paths of Durmitor park.
    Even if you are not a fan of extreme sports, you should visit the Rata river and the National park of Durmitor. Besides, even at the hottest day, the river brings freshness. The water temperature is never above 12-15°C. There are many mountain lakes. The most famous are Black lake of Durmitor and Beograd Lake near Kolashin.
    There is an amazing forest of black pines (Crna Poda) within the Tara river canyon. It is located between Bistrica and Dobrilovina, 950 meters above the sea. The pines reach 45 meters high and many of them are about 400 years old.
    You can get to the National park of Durmitor and the Tara river canyon faster, if go through Nikšić town. If you are interested in other sightseeing, you should pass by Kolašin take turn to Mojkovac.

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    Tara River
    Guide around Montenegro
    In the Montenegrin city Sutomore, located 11 km from Petrovac, about 2000 people live. In summer, most of it becomes a pedestrian zone: the main street, like in Budva, runs along the coast parallel to the highway. Sutomore is one of the most inexpensive vacation spots on the coast of Montenegro.

    The resort is known for its remarkable pebble (sandy) beaches more than 2.5 km long. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming and diving, as well as traditional beach activities like catamarans, parachutes, "bananas". A small (about 800 m) sandy beach in Sutomore is widely known. As in many places in Montenegro, sand here (due to its mineral composition) has medicinal properties: it brings relief to patients with rheumatism.
    In the same bay as the city beach of Sutomore, there is a gravel one "Zlata obala". It is rather narrow, its length is about 250 m, but it is equipped with everything necessary, since it belongs to the hotel with the same name.

    On the outskirts of the city there is a church of St. Phekla. Orthodox and Catholics get along peacefully there: the altar of the first is in the apse, of the second - at the south wall. The church was built in the 12th-14th centuries. And is still used for religious rites. The church cemetery is also home to both Orthodox and Catholics.
    What to see in the vicinity?
    Moving further, to the east of Sutomore, you will pass a small village Brca. After it to the right, there is forest park area of Cape Ratac. The ruins of the Monastery of the Virgin Ratacanskaja, founded in the 9th c. are of some interest. Once it stood right on the shoreline and belonged to the Benedictine Brotherhood, which owned the surrounding lands and traded with olive oil. But in 1571 the monastery was devastated by the Ottoman Empire, and during the Second World War it was finally destroyed by the Italian troops. On the territory of the monastery there are preserved ruins of the Church of St. Mary, built in the XII-XII centuries. The icon of the Virgin was in it, which attracted numerous pilgrims. In addition, on the territory of the monastery were hospitals, where monks and local residents were treated.

    Along the Cape Ratac several picturesque beaches stretches, including officially one nudist. A little further from the cape is not very popular with tourist circles, which means that not overcrowded beach "Beogradska plaza" 100 meters long. The picturesque landscape is complemented by giant boulders in crystal clear water.

    To see Sutomore as in the palm of your hand, you can climb the fortress of Hai-Nehai. It is on the way to the village Canj. More than five centuries ago it was founded by the Venetians, but in 100 years the Turks conquered it. They then gav it the name. Once the fortress could accommodate up to 900 people. Despite the long years of Muslim domination, the foundation and part of the walls of St. Dimitry's church of XIII century with two altars have been preserved on the territory of the fortress. From the road the fortress seems an impregnable fortification, but having come closer, you will see the paths leading upward.
    Крепость Хай-Нехай
    How to get to the city?
    Through the city the railway goes that connects the capital of Serbia - Belgrade and Bar. In addition, the people of Podgorica love to spend their weekends here - thanks to the proximity of the resort to the capital. Only half an hour by train or car separates them from each other. Of course, there is a bus service in the city, and those who prefer to travel with comfort, will be able to take cars for rent.
    Sutomore hotels are also focused on travelers who are inclined to choose a budget vacation. The level of hotels and villas corresponds to approximately 3 * according to the international classification. This does not mean that there is no comfortable housing in Sutomore. It just lacks a touch of luxury, as it often happens in beach hotels of other countries.

    Directly on the beach in Sutomore there are more than 50 cafes and restaurants. Railway, which goes through the city, links the cities of Belgrade and Bar. The main part of the resort area in the summer (approximately from 1 June to 15 September) is intended only for pedestrians.

    The coastline of Sutomore and its outskirts abounds with quiet lagoons and bays, forests and picturesque rocks - these places are suitable for walking the best.
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    Guide around Montenegro
    The Old town of Ulcinj is situated in the southern part of the Montenegrin coast and occupies a rather large area. It is well preserved and does not look like other ancient settlements of Montenegro: there is a peculiar atmosphere of the Middle Ages and surprisingly few people. You can get to the fortress through the gates located on the beach. To do this, you need to go along the embankment to the walls of the fortress and climb a small staircase.

    The fortress of Ulcinj is on a hill, therefore from here the magnificent panorama of a seaside part of a city burst upon the eye. The thickness of the fortress walls reaches 20 m, and in some places they are built by cyclopean masonry from large stones without gaps and fastening mortar. The fortress of Ulcinj has a rich history, and the proven facts are intertwined with fiction. For example, they say that at the end of the XVI century, after being captured by pirates for five years, famous Miguel de Cérantes lived here. Adherents of this theory connect the name of the heroine of his novel "Don Quixote" of Dulcinea del Toboso with the Venetian name of the city – Dulcigno. However, from the biography of the writer it is known that, having been taken into prison, he lived in Algeria.
    Old town of Ulcinj in Montenegro
    Walking along narrow streets to the northern part of the fortress, you will see the unique St. Mary's mosque-church, built in 1511. Initially it was a Catholic church. The oldest parts of this building are a door jamb and fragments of the western wall. From the Christian period, the Gothic rosette window above the main entrance and the edging of the archway have also been preserved. In some places under the limy coating of the facade you can see the remains of fresco painting of the 16th century. In 1693, the church was rebuilt into a mosque, one of the exits were immured, four windows were cut in the facade and a minaret was built.

    Today there is the Museum of Local Lore. Among its exhibits there is an antique pedestal for sculpture with a carved dedication of the ancient Greek goddess of hunting Artemis V-IV BC. e., medallion depicting Artemis in the helmet, tools of the Bronze Age era, fragments of the church of the IX century and other artifacts. In front of the mosque church there is the Slave Square. On it in the XVII-XVIII centuries there was the largest market of the slave trade - pirates from Malta, Algeria and Tunisia sold here "live goods." 

    At the highest point, next to the museum, is the Citadel, which was an important defensive structure, as well as the Balsic Tower. The tower was built in the first half of the XV century and for a long time was the tallest building in Ulcinj. Its name was received on behalf of the Serbian dynasty Balsice - here was their summer residence.

    In the next two-story building, restored in the XX century there is the Ethnographic Museum. In its exposition there are objects of everyday life of almost all peoples who inhabited the surroundings of modern Ulcinj at different times: Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Albanians and Montenegrins. At the entrance there is a fountain with drinking water, built by the Turks in 1779 and it’s still functioning.

    The era of the Venetian Republic in Ulcinj is represented by only two palaces - the Chamber of Venice, built in the XV century as the residence of the governor, and the Balsic Yards of the XIV century. Now they are both converted into hotels, but the appearance has almost remained unchanged.
    Palace Venice and the Balsic Yards in the Old town of Ulcinj
    In the evening the fortress is highlighted, and numerous cozy restaurants and cafes are waiting for their guests.
    What to see in the vicinity of the city?
    To the west of the Old Town is the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1890 on the site of a medieval monastery. This is a very quiet place, from where you can see a beautiful view of the fortress walls. Near the church there is a picturesque grove of mighty olives and an old cemetery.

    It is also recommended to explore the amazing shore of Ulcinj, riddled with small picturesque bays. This amazingly beautiful place is located to the east of the Small Beach, near the Hotel Albatros. You can get here by the road leading to the hotel, but not reaching it.

    From the "Albatross" along the coast through the forest there is a path that ends at the canal. Behind it the Great Beach begins - the main attraction of the Ulcin Riviera. And although to go 2 km to it, you will not regret, because along the way you can enjoy beautiful scenery and swim in the place you like.
    The Great Beach in Ulcinj, Montenegro
    Lifehack: next to the beach hotel "Albatross" is the Women's Beach. It is believed that the local hydrogen sulphide source, volcanic sand and pine forest air create a special microclimate that has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of women.
    Hotels in Ulcinj
    Hotels in Ulcinj are ready to offer their guests accommodation of different levels. Quite large is the choice of modest hotels, designed for unassuming travelers. But, regardless of the cost of living, hospitality and joy are waiting for the guests of all hotels. In the Old Town, too, there is where to live.

    The doors of many cafes, restaurants and bars are open almost around the clock: they all work "to the last client". The menu is usually based on local products, very fresh and tasty. As in other seaside towns, there are many restaurants offering a wide variety of seafood dishes.

    Picturesque, like almost all the coastal cities of Montenegro, Ulcinj has its own special face, its own special color. And the night illumination of streets in Ulcinj is considered the most bright and beautiful on all the coast.
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    The Old Town Ulcinj in Montenegro
    Guide around Montenegro
    Church of the Dormition of the mother of God (Moraca monastery)
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    Church of the Dormition of the mother of God (Moraca monastery)
    Guide around Montenegro
    One may endlessly enjoy the beauty of the National Park with a mysterious name "Durmitor"! Here one wishes to breathe in continually the freshness of the North, enjoy panoramic views of the Durmitor authentic villages, picturesque mountain pastures and glacial lakes. And here there is an irresistible urge to conquer the mountain tops.

    Bobotov Kuk is one of these peaks of the mountain massif Durmitor, which is located in the heart of the Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. This peak has a strange, but euphonic name and, as they say, is the highest mountain peak in the Republic of Montenegro.

    However, according to a recent aerial photography, in Montenegro there are higher mountains - in the mountain range Prokletije on the border with Albania. This fact is not particularly advertised as geographically Bobotov Kuk is located in the center of Durmitor in Montenegro, and is much better suited for the role of a tourist Mecca. Why Prokletije? First of all, this massif belongs not only to Montenegro, but also to Serbia (Kosovo), Macedonia and Albania (where are the highest peaks of the massif). It is also important that, historically, the Montenegrin population in the area is represented in the minority. The combination of these factors led to the fact that tourists in this region are not seen.

    The height of the peak is 2523 meters above sea level and is one of the 48 peaks with heights of more than 2,000 meters, located in the mountain massif Durmitor. In clear weather, you can see the mountain Lovcen from the top, located in the eponymous national park almost at the other end of the country on the Adriatic coast, as well as mountains Kopaonik and Tara in Serbia. All Dinaric Alps, including Bobotov Kuk, extends 650 km from north-west to south-east across the Balkan Peninsula. The western wall of the top of Bobotov Kuk is the coolest and together with neighboring peaks forms a powerful natural amphitheater. To the west of the wall lies Shkrka valley and lake Veliko Shkrchko (Veliko Škrčko jezero) and Little Shkrchko (Malo Škrčko jezero). The southern and eastern walls go to the rocky valleys Dinaric. Eastern and northern wall along form the top of the compact pyramid, which is partially covered with snow all year round.

    Up to the top of Mount Bobotov Kuk four basic and affordable tourist trekking routes are laid and before to conquer the peak, read information about them carefully, and choose for themselves the most appropriate.

    Lifehack: all paths are carefully marked with red rings with white core - the main thing is to look around carefully. All difficult areas are equipped with safety rope. And the most important, be vigilant and watch you step, not to stumble and fly down on the running rocks. 
    all paths are carefully marked with red rings with white core - the main thing is to look around carefully
    The most popular of these routes starts from Black Lake near the town of Zabljak and takes approximately 5-6 hours one way (depending on your physical condition and how often you stop to take pictures). In addition, from the Black Lake, there is a trail to the most unique attractions in the region - the mysterious icy cave. Its uniqueness lies in the unusual composition of stalactites and stalagmites - they consist entirely of pure ice. Links to the track and hiking uphill.

    The second route is the easiest and shortest one - only 3.5 hours one way with a height difference between the peak and pass just 616 meters! It begins from the pass Sedlo pass - the highest "automobile" pass in Montenegro, located at an altitude of 1907 m, we will tell about it later.

    It is also possible to get to the top from the village Dobri Do and from Shkrka Valley (Škrka). Seasoned travelers are advised to combine a combined route - at 5 am to leave the car in the parking lot near the Black Lake, then take a taxi to get to the Sedlo pass (it costs about 20-25 euros) and start the ascent from this point, and after a visit of the top, go down to Zabljak. This route takes about 9 hours.

    Thus, mountain hiking trail on Bobotov Kuk from the pass Sedlo (1907 m) starts from the car park at the top of the pass and payment of 3 euros for entrance to the Durmitor National Park.
    Горный пешеходный маршрут на Боботов Кук в Черногории начинается с перевала Sedlo.
    On the way to the top you can admire the rugged mountains with stripes peaks Šareni Pasovi (2248 m) and Štit (2236 m). Then, after passing the pass Uvita Greda (2199 m), surpassing the fascinating rocky peaks demonic rock amphitheater Zupci (2309 m), the road leads out to a mountain lake Zeleni Vir (2028 meters), or more precisely to the "puddle" that is left of it... In the summer the lake of glacial origin is dry - and from 80-meter reservoir supplied by the mountain springs, lefe only a small green lens. Such glacial lakes are called "mountain eyes", because the water is extremely clean and quiet. Water from the lake is suitable for replenishment of stocks of liquid before further ascent.

    From Lake Zeleni Vir already begins a steep climb to the pass Velika Privija (2351 m), over which, like a giant boulder, Bobotov Kuk rises. This is an intersection of two routes: from Sedlo Pass and from the Black Lake, which is located near Zabljak. Further along the road, herds of sheep and Katun - houses of shepherds periodically come across, where you can buy homemade cheese and milk. 
    Катуны - домики пастухов, в которых можно купить домашний сыр и молоко.
     "All along the way, "Pyramid" of stones - the so-called rooks are preriodically met.
    Historically, they were built to guide climbers on the route, but today most of the tourists in a way mark its presence on the mountain. Now someone is building their pyramids, and someone came by and simply puts a stone in the already built one".

    From the pass, many think that the peak of the mountain is already reached, but it is not so. Up to this point all the obstacles on the route may seem as a cakewalk, as only now a real mountain ascent begins - sometimes even have to climb the vertical sections with rope cables, and sometimes walk along the steep cliffs... And constantly slipping stones from under the feet will keep you in suspense. Do not do any awkward movements here – once fallen down, you can get serious injuries. Concluding segments of ascent will tickle your nerves and make to feel like a real climber – you have to creep up even on your hands. It’s better not to look down... But all this grows dim and fear evaporates once you get to the top.

    And here it is - the highest point of Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk! Feelings are incredible, views are amazing and stunning! According to the guides, under the good weather, the entire Montenegro is seen from Bobotov Kuk. Of course, such towns as Tivat, Budva and Kotor are not seen, but you can watch the high mountains of the National Park Lovcen, Prokletije mountain, fantastic valleys, dense forests and canyons of unimaginable beauty! But not everyone is destined to catch such weather...

    Lifehack: on top there is a metal box and every "conqueror of this peak" may leave a mark in the journal of ascents about one’s small feat.
    На вершине Боботов Кук установлен железный ящик и каждый "покоритель этой вершины" может оставить в журнале восхождений отметку о своем маленьком подвиге.
    The way back is not easier than ascenting and eventually the entire walk back and forth takes from three to seven hours depending on the selected route, preparation and speed.

    Walking through the narrow, winding paths surrounded by fantastic landscapes, is an unprecedented delight for every traveler. And while many routes are pretty durable, but still they are passed, as a rule, in one shot. Landscapes changes around so rapidly, that travelers, enjoying the great views, breathing in pure mountain air and photographing the vast mountain landscapes and majestic mountains, without noticing the flow of time. Each new stone field, each pass brings a whole new landscape, flora and ancient forests will amaze you with its diversity. In addition, there are more than a thousand species of plants, some of which came down to us from prehistoric times.

    Lifehack: to make the ascent to Bobotov Kuk is best between June and October. In other months the trip will be complicated by snow and biting cold. If you decide to go to the top on snow, and how hot you are, never unbare any part of the body in the snowy mountains, and always bring your sunscreen creams! Bright sunlight reflected from the snow, which multiplies the effect of rays and thus speed up the burning process.

    The history of climbing on Bobotov Kuk.

    The first ascent to the peak was committed in 1883, by an Austrian cartographer Oscar Baumann. The first winter ascent was officially registered in 1931. In 1933, a group of Slovenian climbers made the ascent by the southern wall. Since then, the mountain has been thoroughly explored by climbers and tourists. However, for the first group Bobotov Kuk is out of interest - the complexity of the route for athletes is, frankly speaking, childish. But for the ordinary tourist - it's a great opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature of the Dinaric Alps.

    In conclusion, we note that under favorable weather conditions, rising to the peak Bobotov Kuk will be mastered by everyone - on the trail in addition to experienced hikers there are also teenagers, and senior citizens occur. As for equipment, a membrane jacket and pants, thermal underwear, gloves, trekking boots or good reliable and tight sports shoes, sticks, sunglasses, sunscreen, a knife, a flashlight, a lighter (if it comes to make a fire) are nececcary. With such a set of equipment, you will feel warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. And most important, take a supply of water (at least 1.5 liters per person) and provisions.

    Of course, for experienced climbers, this route may seem too simple, but novice hikers in the mountains will be delighted.

    Climb to the top of Mount Bobotov Kuk is a fascinating mountain adventure in the heart of Montenegro, which may be fulfilled by many travelers.
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    Bobotov Kuk in Montenegro
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    Река Черновичи в Черногории
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    River Cernovichi
    Guide around Montenegro

    In addition to the known classic mountain lakes, there are glacial lakes in Durmitor National Park. One of which is Barno lake at a height of 1489m above sea level, located next to Pitomine village, 1,5km to the north from the famous Black lake. It is worth of visiting despite of its small size and maximum depth, which is just 1m.
    It is surrounded by dense pine forest, there are wild goats feeding on its shores - isn't it an ideal village calming scenery? One more reason to visit the lake is the legend, which goes about lake's water has health properties and cures skin diseases.

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    Lake Barno
    Guide around Montenegro
    Crystal tears of Montenegro
    Despite of the quantity of passionate epithets used to describe lakes of Montenegrin mountains, everybody agree with a single voice that а picture is worth a thousand words.
    What else do you need for happy holiday except morning fog hovering around the shores, mirror surface reflecting the sky, birds singing and mountain herbs redolent!
    Let us introduce TOP 5 the most beautiful mountain lakes of Montenegro.

    5th place Trnovacko Lake
    Trnovacko Lake  This is an amazingly beautiful lake located 1517m above sea level. It is surrounded by forests, mountain peaks and rocky cliffs. The lake is hidden so skillfully, so it is impossible to get there by public or personal transport, just by foot.

    4th place Hrid Lake
    Hrid Lake
    The so-called "Happy Lake" is located in mountain group Prokletije. This is a place where Montenegrin and Albanian borders are coming together. It is located 1970m above sea level and this is some kind of record among all Montenegrin lakes. The water varies from sky-blue to emerald-green depending what is reflecting for the moment, pure sky or ancient pines.
    3th place Ursulovacko Lake
    Ursulovacko Lake
    One of the glacial lakes of Montenegro located 1875m above sea level in Bjelasica Mountain. There are 2 springs where you can get clear water. The lake is located among mountain meadows and conifers. It is often a place to visit by local trackers.

    2nd place Capitanovo Lake
    Capitanovo Lake
    This amazing lake is located in Moraca mountain canyon and called after captain Mushovich. Its water has bright green color and reflects stone rocks and mountain peaks. You can get there from the side of Niksic and Zagrad mine.

    1st place Bukumirsko Lake
    Bukumirsko Lake
    An impressive panorama of this lake is considered one of the most beautiful one in Montenegro. It is located 1448m above sea level and is feeding by melt waters and springs of the nearest mountain peaks.
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    Top 5 the most beautiful mountain lakes
    Guide around Montenegro
    Convent Zdrebaonik located near the town of Danilovgrad, 17 km from the Ostrog monastery. The name of the monastery comes from the word "zdravie" that in the Slavic language means "Church estate, property." There are several versions of who founded the monastery - Prince Vukan of Zeta, son of Prince Stefan, king Milutin. But in any case, all converge in the opinion that the founder was someone from the representatives of the dynasty nemanjic, and that the Foundation of the monastery should be attributed to the 13th-14th centuries. In those days the monastery was metham (slave) of the monastery Moraca.

    The main temple, consecrated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, erected in 1818 on the foundations of an ancient temple from the times of the nemanjic. The monastery complex consists of a Church, a large hospice house and several smaller buildings that were used as classrooms. The Church of St. Archangel Michael built in typical Montenegrin style churches - hewn sturdy grey stone. The Church altar is decorated with the Holy see, in the middle is the main icon created by the monks of Svyatogorsk. In 1819 the monastery was built two-storey Konak (hospice). Now live in it about ten nuns and the prioress. In the monastery icon workshop.

    In 1856, the monastery keeps relics of Saint Arsenios of Simca. He was the second Archbishop and successor of Saint Sava - the founder of the Serbian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. The relics of this Saint many miracles and healings. Between 1884 and 1914, these relics were stored elsewhere in the monastery Kosijerevo, but then returned to Zdrebaonik. In addition to the relics of Saint Arsenios here lie the relics of the Holy Martyr Fevronia.

    The Church of St. Michael the Archangel is a classic for Montenegrin temples structure with straight flat walls and semi-circular altar jog. Inside the temple there is a balcony for the choir, an altar with icons of Arsenius, and St. Sava, as well as a case, with the imperishable relics. In addition to the Church in the monastery complex included a large hospice, built in 1819, as well as a number of new buildings — a refectory, a library and an icon workshop. Since 1994, the monastery Zdrebaonik is a female Orthodox monastery belonging to the Montenegrin-coastal Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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    Female monastery Zdrebaonik
    Guide around Montenegro
    The cave Red Rock (wall) is located near village Petrovići, Nikšić town council, on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    The cave was opened in 1954 and since then it is considered the biggest cultural object of the Paleolithic over the whole Balkan peninsular with the exceptionally well preserved remnants of material culture. It presents a rock protecting apron at the height of 700m above the sea with a wide gateway 24m and a small depth 15m.
    Primitive men have been living in cave since Paleolithic and have been staying there for many centuries. About 20 people have been living in cave at the same time, who were hunting and fishing. The archeologists have opened 31 occupation layers, which prove the story of this place better than words. Stone items are considered the most precious findings, which count more than 250 thousand years. Other labor tools were made out of ceramics and animals and fish bones. The archeologists have managed to find here about 5 thousand material proves of the existence of primitive men.
    In 1500 B.C. this accommodation was abandoned and forgotten for long millenniums.
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    The Cave Red Rock (wall)
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    Fortress Besac is located not far from Skadar lake on a small hill, near town Virpazar in Bar town-council.
    Fortress Besac is one of the oldest military fortification preserved at the territory of the modern Montenegro. It was built during the times of the Ottoman Empire at the second half of XX century. However some towers behind the fortress wall trace history to medieval Zeta State. In ancient times the fortress bordered Slavic and Turkish territory. That's why today it presents a significant historical value not only for Montenegro, but also for the whole Balkan peninsular.
    Today, the fortress is half destroyed, although it is planned to build tourist military memorial complex. It can be approached by gravel-road from auto road Podgorica-Bar.
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    Fortress Besac
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    Lake Šas is located in Ulcinj, rock pool in the village of Šas eastern part of the city.
    The lake is the second largest one in Montenegro. Here are found a lot of birds – migratory as well as of permanent living. That’s why the tourist season is open round the year - hunters, birdwatchers and just birds lovers from around the world come to the lake.
    Lake Šas is of glacial origin, its surface area is about 3.7 square kilometers, and in the summer is almost 5.5 square kilometers during the flood. The maximum depth of the lake is 8 m.the name of the lake comes from the ancient city of Swatch, the ruins of which are located along the northern coast. The lake can be proud of its rich flora and fauna. Lake Šas covered with reeds and lilies. The clear waters of the lake is also home for about 20 species of fish. However, the main wealth of the lake is the birds.
    On the lake there are about 240 species of feathered animals... Therefore, on the coast you can often find ornithologists and birdwatchers with binoculars and cameras. In addition, the lake is popular with Italian snipe hunters.
    Nature of the lake is an ideal holiday destination, where you can have a picnic, play football or other sports, ride a boat or a cutter, or just relax and enjoy nature. To get to the lake you can by car, as well as from the Bojana river to the lake through the channel is about 300 m.
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    Lake Šas
    Guide around Montenegro
    The Island of St. Marco had a name of St. Gabriel and there was a church with the same name there since the very old times. According to the legend, since the early times this island was known by its charming nature and fragrant pine trees growing on the coast of the Adriatic. Due to the belief, the Greek gods sent there their best soldiers to recover after fights, cured their wounds and recovered emotionally. Greek soldiers rested on the island, enjoyed long walks, shared with each other their military exploits and heroism and glory...When there were not so many wars, the soldiers enjoyed staying in the island and decided to stay to live there. They felt blame for the all bad that they had done in wars, they prayed the Goods to save the peace, and by the way they wanted the island where they lived to be always the same. In return they promised not to start wars, but only to protect from the enemy if they would be attacked and as the sign of their will they planted olive tree, from which later the whole olive grove grew. But a spirit of war has awoken in the hearts of the soldiers again after some time, and they forgot their promise and again set for the wars. It made gods furious and they sent an awful storm to the island and sunk all the ships and killed all the soldiers. The island became empty, only olive trees indicate those times and that terrible event. In honor of the dead Greek veterans, residents of Tivat decided to give the island the name Stradioti that means «warriors» in Greek. Up to these days, people sometimes use this name for the island of St. Mark's Square.
    Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    The island of Saint Marco in Montenegro. The Sveti Marko island in...
    Guide around Montenegro
    Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Mountain Belasica
    Guide around Montenegro
    Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249

Beaches of Montenegro

Enjoy the sun, the sea and a good mood on the best beaches in Montenegro!

  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Przno beach (Pržno plaža) is a small gravel beach. It is located in a former fishing village. Many boats are still moored here. There are beach bar, restaurant and renting of sun loungers. It is very convenient to get Sveti-Stefan by boat from this place. There is lack of parking space. 
    Pržno beach
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Mogren Beach is located next to Old town in Budva and consists of 2 pebblesbeaches connected by a tunnel. The length of the beach is 350 meters. One can get to the beach by a narrow path, which starts near Old city and goes through the hotel "Avala". On your way to the beach, you can find the viewpoint overlooking the Old city, St. Nicola's island, the monument to ballerina-girl. Also you can appreciate the beauty of local landscapes. Hover layered rocks on the one side and a cliff with the broken waves on the other. The first beach (Mogren I) is more modern. There are more cafes, sun loungers, katamarans, wave runners and sailing-ships. The sea bottom is step. Both beaches are surrounded by the beautiful rocks, that will bring you unforgettable memories.   
    Beach Mogren 1 and 2 Budva Montenegro
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
     Oblatnо Beach is located on Lustica peninsular and it won the Blue flag in 2014. The beach is small, the length is 100 meters and it belongs to Almara Beach Club hotel. This is a comfortable club beach. The part of the beach is a private territory, which is decorated with glamour and stylish design. There is an Italian restaurant, cocktail-bar and luxurious sun loungers with baldachins. The beach is loved by young people. In summer modern DJs play here and make the best parties. Gravel covers the beach and there is all necessary for the rest: sun loungers, umbrellas, sea rescue service and changing rooms. One can get to the beach only by car.
    Oblatno beach, Lustica
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Rose beach (Rose plaža) is a concret-gravel beach, located in a fishing village Rose, from which its name originated. Most part of the beach is a pier made of concrete. There are gravel sections along the sides of the village. Pure water of the beach is best for divers and for snorkeling. The main conveniences on the beach are: sun loungers, umbrellas, bars and cafes.  
    Rose beach
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Beach of Milocer and one of the most beautiful beaches on Adriatic seashore. This place is wonderful to have a rest in a famous Budva Riviera. The most sophisticated tourist will be charmed by a wonderful territory with the best sand and an ideal clearness as well as the most beautiful sea views.The beauty of the beach is above the all sea shores of Milocer. Olives and cypress valleys surround the beach from the land side and the rocks protect it from the wind. It is located between Sveti Stefan and Milocer and its length is 380 meters.The beach is very popular among the tourists, thus there is a former summer residence of Karađorđević dynasty, villa Milocer. It is free for the residents of the villa. For the rest is 75 Euro for the entrance and sun lounger. There are cafes and small shops behind the beach.  
    Beach Milocer
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Perazica Do beach (Perazica Do plaža) is a gravel-sandy beach. There is parking. Pedestrian underpass goes to Petrovac town.
    Beach Perazića do
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Slovenska Plaža Beach is the longest beach in Budva. The length of the beach is 1640 meters.The beach is covered by small and medium gravel with concrete sites. Behind the beach, there is a hotel complex of the same name "Hotel Slovenska Plaza", as well as recreation zones and parks with different Mediterranean flora. There are many available sea attractions, including Bungee jumping, water ski, parachuting etc. There is quay along the beach with cafes, restaurants, souvenirs shops, discos and amusements for children. The beach is equipped all necessary for a comfort rest: sun loungers, changing rooms and shower with fresh water. Having rest on a sun lounger you can order drinks and meals just from your place.There are also boats to St. Nicola's island departing from quay. 
    Slovenska plaža in Budva, Montenegro
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Beach Galia is a part of camping "Crvena Glavica", near the resort of St. Stefan.Galiya to the beach can be reached by car. The beach is well maintained and fully equipped beach furniture. Many believe that this beach Galia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Budva. The beach has sunbeds and umbrellas, cafes, changing rooms, showers, toilets, rescue service, Parking.  
    Beach Galija in Montenegro


Choose where to go during your vacation

  • 50th Mimosa Festival

    From February 1 to March 23, 2019, in the resort town of Herceg Novi (Montenegro), which is located in the Bay of Kotor, will be held the traditional 50th anniversary Mimosa...
    Herceg Novi
  • Competition «Miss and Mr. Montenegro 2019»

    On April 6, 2019 in the hotel Hotel Princess, which is located in the resort town of Bar (Montenegro), there will be a children's competition «Miss and Mr. Montenegro...
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Rent of yachts, motor boats, boats, catamarans, scooters, canoes, SUP-s and other types of water transport in Montenegro for walks, outdoor activities or fishing in the Adriatic sea or on Skadar lake.

Montenegro is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula, which is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The Montenegrin coast is divided into two parts: Bay of Kotor, where the Tivat, Kotor and Herceg-Nova Riviera are located and the open Adriatic Sea with the Budva, Bar and Ulcinj Rivieras. Unlike the neighboring countries of the Balkan region, Montenegro has a relatively small coastline - about 300 kilometers. Nevertheless, today, renting yachts, motor boats, boats, catamarans, scooters and other types of water transport in Montenegro is one of the most popular services among tourists from all over the world.

Rest in Montenegro is unlikely to be complete if you do not find the time and will not go out even once to the open sea on a yacht or boat. None of the types of outdoor activities are able to give such stunning emotions as a boat trip / yacht / catamaran / motor boat / and other sailing in open water. Rent of yachts, motor boats, boats, catamarans, scooters, kayaks, SUP-s, etc. Is a pleasure that sometimes costs more than many other entertainments, but emotions also cause this kind of rest too special and memorable for many years ...

View and download the 3D map of the coast here. Google Maps area of Montenegro here. Wind and temperature - map

The service of renting yachts, motor boats, boats and other sea vessels in Montenegro allows local residents and guests not only to enjoy the delights of luxurious leisure, but also to see all the beauty of Montenegrin coast alive, see picturesque islands, unusual places, unique sights, hidden grottoes and caves and much more from the Adriatic Sea...

Rent a yacht in Montenegro - is a great opportunity to celebrate any holiday, go for a ride with family or friends and admire the sights, and also arrange an unforgettable photo session against the background of the coast or the boundless Adriatic Sea. Here are just some of the places you should definitely visit when renting a yacht, motor boat or boat in Montenegro: Old Budva and St. Nicholas Island; St. Stefan's Island; the summer palace of the royal family in Milocer; Bay of Kotor, along the banks of which are the cities of Tivat, Herceg Novi, Kotor and Perast with its famous islands; The old town of Kotor, surrounded by a high stone fortress wall; the island-fortress of Mamula; the island of Katic and the Holy Resurrection near Petrovac; Zabljak Crnojevic on the Skadar Lake, etc.

Even if you are not interested in landscapes and stunning views of nature, you can simply ride on the desired water transport along the Adriatic Sea, Bay of Kotor or Skadar Lake and enjoy the carelessness of the sea and a pleasant rest alone with nature. It is impossible to compare with anything, even with a trip on a respectable or most powerful car on highways. Do not believe me? Then just check it out!

Rent of yachts, motor boats and boats in Montenegro is a service that today gains great popularity both with locals and tourists! That's why we collect only the best options for sea vessels for you and only from trusted management companies and owners of yachts, boats, boats, catamarans, scooters, kayaks, SUP-s and other types of water transport in Montenegro.
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