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  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Becici beach in Budva, Montenegro
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Beach Mogren 1 and 2 Budva Montenegro
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Mirišta beach
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Oblatno beach, Lustica
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Lučice beach
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Beach Milocer
  • Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    The Beach of Saint Stephen (Sveti Stefan), Montenegro
    Beaches of Montenegro Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249
    Beach Jaz 2


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  • Tandem skydiving - Podgorica 2018

    Who never in his life jumped from a plane with a parachute, they lost a lot ... The feeling of a real flight with free fall is an unforgettable feeling that can not be described...
  • Intellectual and sports games among students - Primatijada 2018

    This year Primatijada 2018 will take place in Montenegro again - scientific and sports competitions among students of the faculties of natural and mathematical sciences from the...
  • Climbing the mountain peaks of Montenegro

    During the May holidays, from April 27 to May 2, the Balkan club PSK Balkan organizes an ascent to the most beautiful mountains located on the coast of Montenegro: Orien, Lovcen...
    Herceg Novi
  • VII Fair of flowers and ornamental plants

    On 28 and 29 April, the VII Fair of Flowers and Ornamental Plants will be held at the Delta City Shopping Center in Podgorica (Montenegro). This event is organized by the Agency...
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Excursions in Montenegro. Excursions around Montenegro. Cost of excursion trips in Montenegro. Individual and group excursions in Montenegro.

Montenegro is one of the fast developing European resorts, which is selected annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists and travelers from all over the Europe and the world. But Montenegro is not just a beach holiday, swimming and sunbathing, which are perfectly combined with medical procedures, not only active, but sometimes even extreme rest on land, on water or in the air, and it's not just entertainment, open-air disco, night clubs, bars and casinos. In this small mountainous country there is something to see as for fans of historical sites, monuments and ancient buildings, and as for lovers of natural beauty, as well as for supporters of walking or cycling trips (yes, perhaps in Montenegro all of the above mentioned is possible and even more...).
All this diversity is fully represented in the numerous excursions around Montenegro. Excursions in this country are able to meet a variety of needs - regardless of whether you come in a week-long tour and want in a short time to see the best or plan your trip yourself and your vacation is not limited in time.
You will be offered to go on trip at every step in Montenegro, while the price of the tours in Montenegro is relatively small and, in general, they are the same everywhere, that makes holidays in this inexpensive country even more attractive.

Lifehack: Usually prices for excursions at the hotels in Montenegro are not higher than 5-10 euros per person. In this case, tour operators refer to the fact, that if you order a tour at the hotel, no one deceive you for sure. In fact, if you pay part or the whole tour, no one will cheat on you. During the season locals cling to the tourists and deceive / forget / not come / do not perform something is simply not profitable.

When choosing a tour in Montenegro, your attention should be paid to the description, what the tour includes, which objects are displayed necessarily regardless of the weather, whether you will be fed. All these facts can influence the price greatly. So learn, compare, select and hit the road.

In Montenegro, you can go on a sightseeing in group or individually for the whole day, make a pilgrimage to the holy places, see Montenegrin sights or neighboring countries, and, if you have little time, then you can go for a short, but no less interesting boat trip on the Adriatic Sea. In addition, you can go around the ancient cities of Montenegro, on sightseeing tours to the national parks of Montenegro: Lovćen, Durmitor, Skadar Lake, Biogradska Gora. One of the most memorable excursions in Montenegro is a trip to local shrines: the monastery of Ostrog, Cetinje Monastery, Moraca, Pashtrovskie seaside monasteries and others also leave a lasting impression. Montenegro, among other things, has a rich cultural and historical heritage and guides, who conduct tours, for sure tell about the difficult history of the country, its tragic and glorious pages, as well as introduce the traditional way of life, notable elements of life and culture features. Some tours offer access to a huge marble mausoleum of Peter Njegos - a former ruler of Montenegro, where one can see at a glance not only the whole Montenegro, but even a part of Croatia, if the weather is good. Panoramic sightseeing tours on a variety of boats and ships along the coast of Montenegro are very with tourists. As well as boat trips on the Boka Bay, along the Budva Riviera or sightseeing tours around the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Fans of outdoor activities and extreme sports can enjoy the wildlife during the rafting on the river Tara ( white water rafting), take mountain paragliding, rock climbing or even go to the mountains with a tent!
In Montenegro, as in other tourist countries, there are several options to choose from excursions.

The most economical one - to go to a group excursion around Montenegro on a large bus or minibus. Thanks to this tour you will learn the history not only of Montenegro, but also of such individual cities as: Budva, Tivat, Kotor and others; visit the pilgrimage and historic sites; conquer the walls of ancient fortresses and the majestic peaks of the mountains; enjoy unforgettable scenery and stunning natural beauty of Montenegro. You can take a walk on a yacht with a swim in the beautiful lagoon, fishing, conquer the ice cave, visit the oyster farm or vineyard, taste the freshest ingredients and the young or aged local wine.

Disadvantages of a group trip can be the following:
  • buses go one by one to a predetermined route, and do not stop in those places that you seem attractive for a photo or selfie;
  • a variety of interesting stories and facts can be told by guide at a time for 2-3 languages (with mistakes), as in the bus, there will be tourists speaking other languages;
  • very limited parking time (about 30 minutes), during which it is necessary to go to the bathroom, where there are people from another bus enjoying the surrounding views;
  • most air conditioners in buses work well, so leaving it on can feel not very well from the temperature difference;
  • as a rule, in each group there are people who cannot hear or they constantly ask questions and make comments or ask again guide or supplement the story by their knowledge.
Lifehack: typically, these tours take half a day or a whole day. In any case, even if the dinner included, bring water and a couple of sandwiches, to enjoy the surrounding beauty to the fullest.

If you decide to buy a tour from private owners on the waterfront, be sure to ask who will guide, and how well they speak a language you understand. But even this does not fully guarantee you: hidden surcharges, tour guides can speak ill in Russian; You can even be joined to the English group; buses are less comfortable than promised ones. It is highly recommended to use only proven travel agencies.

The most convenient option - to plan your own tour around Montenegro and head for the selected objects, rent a car and armed with a guide, a map and compass. In addition, public transportation in Montenegro is working very well and access to many attractions can be just a few euros. On our web site you can see the schedule of movement of buses in Montenegro. Such a trip is possible and will vary in price from a group tour, but nevertheless, in recent years, such independent trips attracted huge number of tourists.

This is due to the obvious advantages of such trips:
  • you spend less time on the road, because drive faster, and do not wait the group at the meeting places;
  • you can adjust the route according to your needs, as well as to leave and come at time that is appropriate for you;
  • you will be able to travel all the interesting places in Montenegro;
  • you can stop at any place you like as much as you need;
  • if you take with you even a personal tour guide, they cannot just tell you in detail about the selected object of the tour, but also share informationof most of Montenegro, its traditions and customs, national cuisine, holidays and more.
In addition, we may say that it is better to make up your own excursion program "against the grain" - to visit popular places no at the time of sightseeing buses bringing tourists there.

Lifehack: when planning travel outside Montenegro, it is worth remembering that in 2013 Croatia became a visa country, so go there only if you have a Croatian or a Schengen visa. Russian citizens can visit Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa. Citizens of Belarus can be only in the territory of Montenegro without a visa, and Ukrainian citizens may travel without a visa to Albania.

Approximate prices for tours around Montenegro range from of 15 to 60 euros on average. Prices for trips from Montenegro to other countries are higher: a trip to Albania costs 80 euros, but the ferry trip to Italy costs from 220 to 410 euros, depending on the selected class of cabins. Prices for individual tours in Montenegro depend on the duration and number of tourists.

If you come to rest in Montenegro only for a few weeks, then for searching of tours and places to visit left less time. That is why we advise you to plan in advance what tours are certainly worth a visit. Our extensive list of various excursions with descriptions and prices, as well as the travel planner presented on the website or in the Application "Guide around Montenegro" in Google Play will help you with this. (p.s. only for registered users).

Although the choice of excursions in Montenegro is wide and varied, there is a sense in the first place to turn to the most popular and proven options that remain relevant from season to season. In this section of our site we have collected the most popular, interesting and exclusive tours in Montenegro, which are held both in local language and in English, Russian, German and other languages. Individual or group tours around Montenegro; off-site study tours to various cities in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania and other countries in Europe; family or group excursions; individual tours with personal guide - for each of these interesting excursions can be found in detail on our website and book your favorite excursion at an affordable price. Excursions around Montenegro on our web site is much brighter, richer, more interesting, and, in general, cheaper than the excursions proposed at the hotel, and even many tourist bureaus.

We believe that traveling to Montenegro with us, you will get vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions that will return you to this country again and again!

Welcome to small and beautiful Montenegro! Dobro dosli!
Useful information for travelers Way to Montenegro Prva Proletarska bb., Budva, Montenegro +382 69 171 249

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