Show Illusion of Magic

The show "Illusion of Magic" is held 26 November, 2016 from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm at the Hotel Splendid (Becici, Montenegro)!

Spectacular show of a well-known magician and a master of mental magic, a member of the Russian Association of Illusionists, participant of TV programs, the author of hundreds of publications and PhD owner, whose name we are keep in secret to save the intrigue!

The show program: micromagic, mental magic (mind reading), the unique magic tricks and illusions, as well as a standup-performance from a co-author and performer of COMEDY (team member Nezlobin), dedicated to Montenegro, and mega-dance show!
Welcome-drink for all guests (juice for children)!

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Participate in the "Magical connections"contest and get a ticket for the show "Illusion of Magic"!
10 people, with the highest number of points in the competition will get tickets.

Good luck!

Important! Terms of the show (for those who come).

Terms and Conditions:
1. Final program of the show has not been disclosed in order to preserve the element of "intrigue", and having the possibility of replacing the secondary acts.
2. The show program is designed primarily for an adult audience. Therefore, we ask the audience with children to ensure maximum quietness and order in the hall.
3. Attention! Age limit is on action - from 8 years! Children under 15 years must be accompanied by adults and be under their responsibility.
4. We ask to be seated in advance in the concert hall! Free admission to the hall after the beginning of the show cannot be guaranteed!
5. It is strictly prohibited to make noise, stand up without any reason, or interfere with the artists and illusionists to acts of the show!
6. Secrets of tricks are not disclosed!
7. There will be a photo-shooting in the hall.
8. The organizers have the right to require the following of the others conditions when it is necessary for the maintenance of order or the show.

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