48th Festival of Mimosa

Herceg Novi
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The 48th Festival of Mimosa in Herceg Novi will be held from 28 January to 19 February, 2017.

At the opening and closing of the festival will perform the stars of the region - Toni Cetinski i Željko Samardžić.

The festival begins on the last Saturday in January with abruma, the so-called march-invitation to the Carnival from Igalo to Square of Nikola Dzhurkovicha where the main carnival doll and a box of complaints and suggestions is installed. In the evening will be a concert in the park "Boka".

At the opening on Friday evening, 3 February, a carnival procession and a concert of Toni Cetinski is held. The next day, 4 February, the festival of mimosa, fish and wine is scheduled, which takes place along the Riviera, and in the evening a masked ball at the Institute "Dr Simo Milošević" is held, where Jelena Rozga and the group "Stari kapetan" will perform. The novelty of the holiday is two events - Days of Belgrade and Days of France. As part of three types of activities will be organized such programs: street performances, food festivals and cultural programs.

Days of Belgrade are organized in cooperation with the tourism organization of the city on 6, 7 and 8 February, Days of France on 13, 14 and 15 February with the support of the French Embassy in Montenegro.

A typical Mediterranean game – picigin will be held at the festival, scheduled on 9 February, on the beach at the old "Banja" in Igalo. Also on this day, the manifestation "Opening of the street" will be held there.

Competition of most beautiful flower arrangement will be held in the hotel "Vojvodina" on February 10. On the same day from the park "Boka" to the main square will be hosted a children flower parade.

11 February is the feast of wine and fish in the square "Škver". Carnival will be held on the evening in a hotel.

On Friday, 17 February the Children's Carnival will be held at the Institute. On the same day, in the evening - a manifestation "Opening of the Street" in Herceg Noviwil be held in three places, starting from the center "Dvorana Park" to the Square of Nikola Dzhurkovicha.

Third carnival will be held on 18 February at the Institute, Danijela Martinović will perform. After the announcement of the results of the carnival on 19 February, Željko Samardžić will perform on the square.

The fourth week of gastronomic festival is held in Igalo Institute, which will showcase the Fish and hunter’s dinner. As part of the festival, a various sports program is organized.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the program.

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