The Development Center organizes trainings on the development of memory and creativity with the help of social games

Bracana Bracanovića 74/a, 81000 Podgorica
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 The development center of the "Parents" association holds two master classes for the improvement of attention, concentration and memory, as well as raising the level of creativity through various social games next week.

 Free master classes are held at the Library of Toys and Development Center, at ul. Bracana Bracanovića 74/a in Podgorica. The number of seats is limited, preliminary enrollment is required - or by phone 020 22 10 00 or inbox Facebook page "Igračkoteka i Razvojni centar".

 On Tuesday, 21 March at 7.00pm a master class "Suan Pan Mental Arithmetic" will be held, organized in cooperation with the educational center of Baltazar, which has a license for the implementation of this program.
 Mental arithmetic is a development program that consists of arithmetic calculations, where only the human brain uses, without the help of calculators, computers, paper or pencils. The master class is designed for children aged 7 to 14 years, the master class is lead by Sava Kovacevic, the number of seats is limited (10).

 On Thursday, 23 March at 7 pm, there will be a master class called "Better Play in Society", organized with the support of the Association of Board Games, Science Fiction and Modeling - "Brljok".
 It is well known that social games, besides entertainment purposes, are also a powerful tool for gaining knowledge and developing many skills. For children there is nothing more constructive than the time spent playing. Come and play a variety of games. The master class is conducted by Boris Radunovich. The number of seats is limited (20).

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