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Vaka Đurovića 12, Podgorica
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 The cultural and information center Budo Tomović holds DODEST Days (DODEST - the youth house of the dramatic experimental studio Titograd) from 3 to 5 May, during which five performances will be presented to the public.
 DODEST has been introducing to the audience of Podgorica new amateur and experimental trends in the theater for more than 40 years.

 The play "Krug" will be held on Wednesday, 3 May, in the DODEST hall at 7.00 pm.

 The monogram "Pijanista", performed by Sejf Seferović will be held on Wednesday, 3 May, in the DODEST hall at 8:30 pm.
 This unusual jazz drama written in the form of a monologue, will take you to the ship "Virginia" of the late 19th century and introduce the unusual fate of the genius pianist who was born on this ship, and from which he never got ashore.

 The performance "Mir" will be held on Thursday, 4 May, in the Great Hall of the CIC at 7.00 pm.

 On the same day, Ivan Milashevich performed a play of the mono drama "Kučkini sinovi" in the DODEST hall, at 8:30 pm.

 The premiere of the play "Bez oblika" will be held on Friday, 5 May, in the Great Hall of the CIC at 8.00 pm. A play about love and the eternal striving of man to understand the world and find the meaning of life.

 Free tickets can be taken during working days at the cash desk of the CIC (9 am - 20 pm).

Organizer: CIC "Budo Tomović" 
Dates: 3 - 5 May 7.00- 10.00 pm
Location: Budo Tomovic CIC
Ul. Vaka Đurovića 12, 81000 Podgorica

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