Shift ROBINSON CRUSOE in the children's camp

In June, the day-long summer camp "SorokDva", which is located in Montenegro on the Adriatic coast, is hosting another thematic shift "Robinson Crusoe". This event is dedicated to the intellectual, physical and volitional efforts that a person undertakes in the process of fighting for a life in private with wildlife. The shift "Robinson Crusoe" begins at 3:00 pm on 19 June and will last until 5:00 pm on 25 June.

During the shift you are expected:

- training trips,
- study of edible plants and methods of their processing,
- Campfire making,
- making articles of daily necessity from the materials at hand,
- scientific experiments with nature,
- rest, bathing and full board.

At the end of the shift, you will go to a great adventure in the mountains, and also will be initiated into the pioneers.

Organizer of the event:Camp "Forty-Two" in Sveti Stefan

 In June, the SorokDva camp offers two more thematic shifts - "Treasure Island" (5 - 11 June) and "Robin Hood" (12-18 June), each of which seems to be a separate unusual and adventurous life: kayaking, construction of houses on a tree, archery, research of old fortresses and caves, staging performances, rope ferries, sea knots and many other secret affairs. Besides this, teachers of English, drawing, physical education and natural sciences work with children every day. All together we play and have fun, but if someone learns something else, so, we will not mind.


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