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The cultural center "Nikola Đurković" - the cinema "Boka" in cooperation with the EU Infocenter from Podgorica is hosting the festival "Days of European Cinema" from 22 to 30 September.
Ten films from Italy, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and France will be presented during the festival.

All sessions start at 8:00, pm admission is free.

Film schedule:

22 September - Denmark - "Silent Heart" 
Three generations of the family gather at the weekend to bid farewell to beloved Esther. A death sick mother decides to leave her life voluntarily, but her daughters have their opinion on this matter...
Director: Bille August
Screenplay: Christian Torpe
Cast: Ghita Nørby, Paprika Steen, Danica Ćurčić
Year: 2014
Duration: 97 minutes

23 September - Germany - "Europe loves you" 
Europe is on the verge of social and economic change. The film is about daily debates, quarrels, children, sex, passion and politics of love.
Director: Jan Gassmann
Cast: Veronika, Harri, Siobhan, Terry, Penny, Niko, Caro, Juan
Year: 2016
Duration: 100 minutes

24 September - Cyprus - "Član porodice" 
It becomes problematic for Yorgos and Sophia to solve financial problems in the family. The store belonging to them brings very little money. From full bankruptcy, only the grandfather's pension saves, but she suddenly dies in the night in a dream. Having decided to hide it from state, the family quietly bury its oldest member of the family, because they cannot afford to give up pension, but once social workers decide to find an invisible grandfather.
Director, script: Marinos Kartikkis
Cast: Giulio Filippo D'Errico, Fivos Georgiades, Glafkos Georgiades
Year: 2013
Duration: 104 minutes

25 September - Holland - "Surprise" 
The eccentric multimillionaire signs an agreement to "end" his life. Choosing a coffin for funerals, he gets acquainted with a young woman who signed a similar treaty. Problems arise after they fall in love with each other and try to terminate their contracts ...
Director, script: Mike van Diem
Cast: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, Georgina Verbaan, Jan Decleir
Year: 2015
Duration: 102 minutes

26 September - Portugal - "Smrt Karlosa Gardela" 
Nuno - a child of divorced parents lives a nomadic life with his father. After he became addicted to drugs, Nuno fell into a coma. Father Carlos and his sister remember family moments. The film was shot after the novel Antónia Lob Antunes.
Director: Solveig Nordlund
Scenario: António Lobo Antunes (novel), Solveig Nordlund
Cast: Rui Morisson, Teresa Gafeira, Celia Williams
Year: 2011
Duration: 85 min

27 September - Hungary - "Weekend" 
Three successful professionals gather for a hunt in Transylvania for the weekend. But after shooting, entertainment turns into a nightmare. The death of local residents reveals their true intentions and secrets, and they become each other.
Director: Áron Mátyássy
Scenario: Péter Gál, Áron Mátyássy
Cast: Dorka Gryllus, Kornél Simon, Tamás Lengyel
Year: 2015
Duration: 100 minutes

28 September - Slovakia - "The Way along the Danube" 
The tragic story of two friends in post-war Czechoslovakia.
A young Slovak Victor Lesa takes a train from Slovakia to a large railway station. The Gestapo accuses him of sabotage, and he runs across the border with his Czech colleague, a Jewish employee, Frantisek Ticachek.
Director: Miroslav Luther
Scenario: Vladimír Körner, Miloslav Luther
Cast: Roman Luknár, Vladimir Hajdu, Györgyi Tarján, Eva Horká, Bronislav Poloczek, Jiři Schwarz, Ondřej Vetchý, Mátyás Dráfi, Miloš Pietor
Year: 1989
Duration: 92 minutes

September 29. - Sweden - "Ego" 
Swedish romantic comedy. For 25-year-old Sebastian, life is a continuous series of parties with friends, dating with casual girl-friends and easy music lessons. He does not set himself the goal of making a musical career or finding true love. Everything changed when he got into an accident and became blind. Only after that, it became clear who is who in his entourage ...
Director, script: Lisa James Larsson
Cast: Martin Wallström, Mylaine Hedreul, Sissela Kyle
Year: 2013
Duration: 105 minutes

30 September - France - "House" 
The film shows us the beauty of the planet and the consequences of the destruction caused by human activities.
Directed by: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Screenplay: Ursula Meier, Antoine Jaccoud
Cast: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Glenn Close, Jacques Gamblin
Year: 2009
Duration: 120 minutes

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