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On 10 December in Montenegro will be a real mountain trail (race), under the name "Bar Potkova". Within this large-scale sporting event, you will find beautiful views from the highest mountain peaks in the eastern part of the country, an excellent company, hundreds of photos and a sea of ​​emotions.

Competition for running in the mountains of Montenegro "Bar Potkova" will be held in the best traditions of autonomous racing - on the track uploaded to your watch / smartphones / GPS navigators and without food points. This mountain route was created especially for our friends and has no official status!

In the framework of the competition "Bar Potkova" two race tracks are planned for running:

1. "The Bar Potkova". Start in Sutomore, finish - at the gates of the fortress in the Old Town of Bar. The route passes through the 3 highest peaks of the Bar Riviera - Vrsuta, Rumia (1596), Loska (traverse). On the road there are 4 control points with an independent mark. Nature trails: 15% - asphalt roads, 5% off-road (direct ascent to the top of the track), 80% - track with markings (mainly technically complex narrow trails or soil roads). It is possible to replenish the water reserve at the 22nd and 35th km. There are no dangerous places. The record is reset, due to a change in the track.

Mountain track parameters: 44 kilometers, elevation difference - 3300 meters, category D +! Limited number of participants.

2. "White Rock". Start in Sutomore, finish - at the gates of the fortress in the Old Bar. In this race there is an entry fee - a symbolic 5 euros. Participants are also provided with a track. The track record is 3:44.

Parameters of the mountain route: 27 kilometers, height difference - 1700 meters, category D +! The number of participants is unlimited.

On both routes there are time limits - 12 hours. Also we have special prizes for the records of the trails.

Organizers: Vladimir Kot (track, control points at the distance) and Chechetkina Olga + Vasiliy Kot (start, finish). Partner of the trail - Vento company.

Date: 10 December, 2017
Duration: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm.

We are waiting for all the fans of running, mountains and running in the mountains!

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