Interactive science "Show Professor Nicolas"

Dear fellow citizens! This summer interactive science Professor Nikola's show is starting its activity within Europe, and Montenegro is going to be the first country!!!

We are happy to offer you our services for organizing and holding children events, such as birthdays, kid's show by tickets, open-air show. And programs for growups - wedding show, anniversaries, interactive programs at the restaurants, etc. Show takes place around Montenegro on a call-out basis.

Licensed "Professor Nikola's show" has been gathering, entertaining and cheering up children and growups during 5 years throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and even UAE. Simple and effective experiments from school physics and chemistry are at the heart of the show. The professional showmen make an unforgettable show. The show is indented for children above 5 and absolutely safe. All equipment is certified. Celebrating birthday with Professor Nikola's show is always interactive, exclusive and safe.

The main rule is all participants take part in the experiments! Kids will take scientific gifts at home, for example super-mucus or hand-gum and will continue experiments!

You can order science show whenever you want: home, cafe, school, kindergarten. Besides, for younger kids, we have show "For the little ones". 
Science show for kids

1. 4 Elements (7-12 years old)

Fire, water, earth, air - many experiments!
Fire, water, earth, air - so much fun round us!
This rich program includes numerous experiments, which are connected with different elements. Kids will see real volcano, ball explosion filled with hydrogenium, will be amazed with air stream of super-blower - in total more than dozen of experiments.  At the very end young researchers will make polymeric worms and take it home as a scientific present.

2. Super-laboratory (7-12 years old)

Science show with numerous experiments - real "super-laboratory"! How air ball can be pierced in way to get shashlyk?
Is it possible to draw by the warmth of the arms or put a blood print on a sheet of paper? How beads can jump out of the can without any help? How ball can be made out of nipple and it is possible to hypnotize the whole class? The kids can find answers for this and many other questions during the show "Super-laboratory".  And making polymeric worms by every participant will be worthful ending of the show.

3. All inclusive (5-18 years old)  

The most festive science program with the most interesting experiments.  The program is dedicated for holding children's birthdays in a scientific manner.
There are interesting experiments with dry ice, and excellent experiments with sound and polymers. Each participant will see rainbow with the help of special glasses and makes polymeric worm. Candyfloss will be a culmination of the science fest, moreover each young scientist will make it on his/her own. 

4. Summer show (5-18 years old)  

Summer is an excellent time for experiments! Summer! Sun! Beauty!!!     
Summer show was made specially for you - scientific program with all experiments being held outdoor - in summer camp or at the lawn near house. Ten-meters cork shot, beads changing colors under ultraviolet light, rocket flying up to 100m, gigantic soap scum, jet bottle and  car made of soda water, and of course five-meter fountain from soda water - nobody has higher! Hurry up to see, one can make amazing experiments outdoor!  

5. For the smallest ones (3-6 years old)  

This science show is good for the youngest researchers! The safest, but interesting experiments are included to the show, allowing young researchers start exploring the world! Interesting experiments with dry ice, artificial snow, whirlpool in the bottle, tube squeaker, bird-weebles and many other experiments are included to the "Show for smallest ones".
Why this is great 

-  Educational and funny 
Our show is interesting for parents as for children. Physics and chemistry laws are explained in an easy manner and аre demonstrated on practice.

- Experiments are absolutely safe
We use stage requisites and chemical agents of high quality from our American partner, which are certified.

- More than 4000 shows during 5 years
We have been organizing shows for more than 5 years for more than 15000 children.

- We can come to your place
Our scientific laboratory can be brought anywhere: to your house, school, kindergarten, restaurant or shopping center. 
All we need for the show - table, plug and hot water.

Children and parents will remember our educational parties with chemical experiments for a long time!!!

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