Concert of Katarina Pejak in the Cultural Center of Budo Tomovic

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On 9 February, 2018 in the Cultural Information Center Budo Tomovic, which is located in the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, for the first time (!!!) there will be a concert of the Serbian singer, composer and pianist Katarina Piyak with her musical band!

Katarina Pejak is an author-performer, pianist and singer, whose musical compositions combine various genres of American music, supplemented by Balkan notes and virtuosic classical performance. Group members:

Pianos and vocals: Katharina Pejak (Belgrade, Nashville, Tennessee)
Bass: Ana Protulipac (Belgrade)
Drum: Slaven Luic (Niksic, Nashville, Tennessee)

Katarina was born in Belgrade (Serbia) and currently lives in Nashville (Tennessee, USA). In childhood, inspired by artists such as Tom Waits, Bessie Smith, Van Morrison, Otis Spann and many others whose music was in her father's collection in a house in Belgrade, she decided to move away from her classical upbringing and began writing songs. As a teenager, Katarina began performing in various blues clubs both in her hometown (Belgrade) and in other cities in Serbia.

In 2014, Katarina graduated from the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and in the last semester she was awarded the Prize for writing songs at the faculty and for her overall success at the department. In addition, Katarina has participated in various music festivals around the world: the Vienna Blues Fest (2017), several concerts in Calcutta (India, 2017), the Funky Biscuit Club (Florida, 2016), the Belgrade Beer Festival (2012 and 2013 .) and many other performances in the clubs of the United States.

To date, Katarina Pejak has released three albums, under the label Blues Time Records (Belgrade, Serbia): "Perfume & Luck" (2010), "First Hand Stories" (2012) and "Old, New, Borrowed and Blues" (2016 ). This year is expected to release a studio album, which was recorded in Nashville.

As a writer, Katarina Peyak relies heavily on images, references and metaphors; but when it comes to describing the important and profound truths of life in songs, it's best done with small phrases...

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