Climbing the mountain peaks of Montenegro

Herceg Novi
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Entrance fee: 130 €
During the May holidays, from April 27 to May 2, the Balkan club PSK Balkan organizes an ascent to the most beautiful mountains located on the coast of Montenegro: Orien, Lovcen and Rumia, as well as visiting the three National Parks of Montenegro.


Friday, 27 April

- departure at 10,00 from the street Skerlićeve (Belgrade)

Saturday, April 28

- in the morning we arrive in the village Vrbanje at the foot of Mount Orien
- climb to the top of Zubački kabao (1894 m.) - the highest peak of Mount Orien (the length of the route is about 15 km, and the total rise is about 1000 m)
- Descent to the village of Vrbanje and then a trip to the Meljina area near the town of Herceg Novi, where we will spend the night

Orien is the highest coastal Dinaric mountain. The peak of the mountain, called Zubački kabao (1894 m) is the highest of the 6 peaks here, with a height of over 1800 meters. Orien is a very rocky and waterless mountain, although it is located in the most rainy region of Europe. The mountain massif consists of several parallel chains extending from the north-west to the southeast. During the last glacial period, the glaciers descended from all sides of the Orien, and the most significant ones descended to Risan and the Drahal field.

Sunday, 29 April

- We go to Borića, from where we begin to ascend to the top of the Subra (1679 m) with a visit to the Subrinog amphitheater (the length of the route is about 15 km, and the total height is about 1200 m).
- descent and return to Melina for overnight

The top of the Subra is a real mountain beauty! It belongs to the mountain range of Orjien and is located to the south of the highest peak Zubački kabao. Although not very high, but its unique location near the sea between the mountain ridges of Orien and Lovcen, towering over the valley in the east and west, with its extraordinary and unusual forms of relief (the famous "Subrini Plateau" and "Subra Amphitheater") attracts a huge number of tourists and local residents.

Monday, 30 April

- Moving from Meliina through the town of Kotor to the village of Krstach, near the village of Njegushi
- climbing to the observation platform Pestingrad with a panoramic view of the Bay of Kotor and then to the top of Stirovnik (1749 m.) - the highest peak of Mount Lovcen in Lovcen National Park (the length of the route is about 11 km, and the total height is about 850 m).
-a trip to Sutomore, where we will spend the night

The Lovcen mountain range is located in the southwestern part of Montenegro, towering above the Bay of Kotor. The mountain is located in the Lovcen National Park. The two highest peaks of the mountain are Stirovnik (1749 m) and Jezersky vrh (1657 m.), On which the Mausoleum of Njegosh is located.

Tuesday, 1 May

- a trip from Sutomore to Mikulich at the foot of Rumia Mountain
- ascent to Mount Rumia (1593 m) overlooking the Adriatic Sea from one side, and on the other - to Skadar Lake and Prokletije National Park. (the length of the route is about 15 km, and the total ascent is about 1100 m).
- Descent to Mikulic and return to Sutomore for overnight

Rumia is a mountain between the Skadar Lake and the Barsky Field. Rumia has many peaks, of which the highest reaches 1593 m. This mountain has great religious significance for the people of Montenegro because of St. John of Vladimir, whose cross, according to ancient tradition, is carried to the top of the Rumia mountain every year on the Trinity. In 2005, a small metal church was built on Rumia.

Wednesday, 2 May

- a trip from Sutomore through Virpazar to the island of Vranjina on the Skadar Lake, which is located on the territory of Skadar Lake National Park
- a short climb to the top of Velji, from which a beautiful view of the Skadar Lake, Kuchke Mountains, Lovchen, Prokletiye, Rumija. (the path length is about 3 km, and the total rise is about 300 m).
- we continue to the Biograd Lake, which is located in the National Park Biogradska Gora
- after a leisurely walk and a tour of the lake, we return to Belgrade.

EQUIPMENT: necessary mountain equipment, footwear and clothes with weather conditions in mind

PRICE: 130 euros (the price includes transport, accommodation, insurance and entrance fees to national parks). Advance payment of 50 euros should be paid until April 6.

IMPORTANT: the number of participants is limited; the organizer of the action retains the right to change the program in case of unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions.

- All information can be found by phone, by e-mail or in person at the office of the company PSC "Balkan";
- for registration, you must provide your phone number, ID number, personal identification number (for insurance), the number of the mountain card and the name of the club of which you are a member.

Milanka Arsic: phone +381 64 182 44 40, e-mail:
Goran Savic: phone +381 64 224 12 75, e-mail:

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