Hiking in the coastal mountains of Montenegro

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Entrance fee: 95 €
From 24th April to 3rd May in Montenegro there will be organized walking tours along the coastal mountains and towns, which are located at the foot of mountain ranges in the Boka Kotorsky Bay.

The participants of the event will visit: the Lovcen mountain range and its top - Jezerski vrh-1657 meters above sea level, three peaks of Mount Orien: Subra (1679 m), Reovačka greda (1769 m above the level the sea) and the Cubs (Zubački kabao - 1,894 meters above sea level) - the highest mountain peak on the Adriatic coast; the cities of Perast and Kotor; the island of Gospa od Skrpela.

27.04. (Friday)
- Departure in the evening from Novi Sad, Belgrade.

28.04. (Saturday)
- Arrival early in the morning in Kotor.
- Departure to the Mausoleum of Njegos. After inspection and photographing, preparation for the ascent to the Lovcen mountain.
- Descent from the top or from the town of Krstaci to the city of Kotor. Recreation.
- A trip to the city of Risan. Hotel accommodation.

29.04. (Sunday)
- Walks on the mountain range of Orjien (all day). The ascent to the mountain peak of the Subra is 1679 meters above sea level. (the length of the route is about 16.5 km, and the total height difference is 1040 m.)

The ascent begins from the town of Borici to the mountain house "Pod Vratlom". After a little rest in the house, we go to the top of the Subra mountain. We will walk next to Nikolina pit (188 meters in depth). After climbing to the top, we are expected to descend to the large amphitheater of Subrin, which is a unique natural phenomenon. After that, we again climb to the mountain top and go down to the mountain house already on another road - through the gate of the Dragon.

30.05. (Thursday)
- Mount Orjien - climbing the summit of Zubački kabao (1894 meters above sea level) - the highest peak in the Adriatic (the length of the route is about 20 km, and the total rise is about 1000 m).

We leave the cottage village Crkvice (Crkvice), located in the Bay of Kotor. The beginning of the route is located next to the old Austro-Hungarian confectionery. We will go along an abandoned road, which runs through the forest, to a mountain house located on Mount Orien. Then we will rise to the highest peak of the mountain Orjien - Zubački kabao (1894 meters above sea level). After resting and photographing on top, return along the same path.

01.05. (Tuesday)
- Walks on Mount Orien - climbing to the top of Reovačku gredu (the length of the route is 15 km, and the total height difference is about 900 m).

We also leave the cottage village of Crkvice in the Boka Bay of Kotor. The beginning of the road is located next to the old Austro-Hungarian confectionery. We go old abandoned - through to the turn, which leads to Reovačkoj gredi. We go through the forest along the old road before the turn that leads to the top of the mountain - Reovačka greda. After a pause and taking pictures at the top, return along the same path.

02.05. (Wednesday)
- Collecting things and packing them into a car. A walk to the nearby town of Perast. Who does not want - free time in the city of Risan.
- Boating from Perast to the island of Gospa od Skrpela.
- After visiting the island, return to Perast. Gathering and returning home to Belgrade.

Depending on when we return from the mountain peaks, in the second half of the day group trips to the city of Kotor are possible, as well as individual trips to Kotor every day.

More information about the event can be read by clicking on the link

Two private houses with separate rooms in Risan. The room has a toilet, shower, bedding and a free kitchen for use.

The necessary mountain equipment, as well as shoes and clothes, taking into account the weather conditions. Hiking boots are mandatory. Each climber is required to have an identity card, medical book and mountain card with paid membership fees for 2018.

The price: 95 euros. (the price includes: the cost of transport, organization, driver and four beds).

Additional expenses: insurance, ticket to Lovcen National Park and Mausoleum of Njegos.

Jovan Jarić: tel. 062/22 37 47, E-mail: jovanjaric@hotmail.com

The event takes place in accordance with the "Regulations on safety and responsibility in the performance of climbing activities" of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. Management reserves the right to make changes to the plan of the event due to unforeseen circumstances.

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