4th Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewelery Conference

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On 18-20 May, 2018, for the first time in Montenegro, the 4th Mediterranean Conference on Precious Stones and Jewelry will be held! This event will be held in the hotel Mediteran, which is located in the area of ​​Becici, near the popular resort town of Budva.

This year, the 4th Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewelery Conference will as always gather the best representatives of independent world laboratories, gemologists, jewelers, valuers and gem experts who are well trained and equipped with the best tools for testing, sorting and evaluating jewelry.

The main theme at the Conference on gemmology and jewelry in 2018 in Montenegro will be "Precious stones and diamonds in the 21st century". Within two days, 10 speakers from around the world will cover the topic, including Thomas Heinschwang (Liechtenstein), Philip Martino (Great Britain), Martin P. Steinbach (Germany), Branco Delianin (Canada), Menachem Sevdermish (Israel), Guy Borenstein (Israel), Gail Brett Lavin (USA), Roman Serov (Finland, Moscow State University, Russia), Bear Williams (USA) and Jacob Almor (Israel). In addition, gemologists, jewelers, appraisers and dealers will hold practical seminars and master classes during three seminars.

The mission of the conference is to educate and help people understand the properties of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, as well as provide the necessary information to open a business or create new projects in this field.

Note that the Mediterranean Conference on Gemmology and Jewelry is one of the best of its kind conferences, held annually in the world. The professionalism of the speakers, practical experience, the opportunity to meet with the best gemologists and jewelers from around the world, as well as the excellent location have made it unique and unforgettable in many respects.

All information and the program of the event can be viewed on the site by clicking on the link

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