XXVI International Olympiad in Philosophy - Montenegro 2018

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From the 23rd to the 27th of May, in the city of Bar, Montenegro, the 26th International Olympiad in Philosophy will take place.

Where does the environment start? Where is the starting point of the environment?

The world in which we live (today) is considered to be a legacy of the Enlightenment, and its revival still depends on all human actions. To build a better world, it is necessary to avoid anthropocentrism. The very phrase "environment" should be deconceptualized not only to understand its real meaning, but also to create a major transformation of society if we want to preserve this world for future generations.

The concept of the environment refers to the natural environment, the psychosocial environment, the language environment, the working environment and many other environments. The common denominator of all these different types of environment is the fact that the environment begins where anything else ends. Whether it's an animal, plant, human-being of any sex, a form of artificial intelligence, or perhaps another world, the environment is always something else-another.

The theme of the forthcoming event is"Environment".

This topic was chosen for the forthcoming Olympiad in philosophy in the Montenegrin city of Bar for two reasons:

- Firstly, the ancient city of Bar, which is more than 1000 years old, has not been sufficiently studied to this day. The inhabitants of the city sometimes jokingly say that in the future it should remain ... For centuries, the Bar was a cultural center, uniting different civilizations, religions and traditions. This is not very different today, because Bar is a diverse city where people of different religious, political and philosophical convictions live peacefully.

- The second reason, which, no doubt, is connected with the first, is an Old olive tree. The Ancient Town Bar is home to more than 2,200-year-old Oliva, making it one of the oldest trees in the world. Regardless of different rulers and conquerors, each of them kept this sacred and amazing "natural wonder" in safety. Or maybe this most ancient tree, on the contrary, protected them and the surrounding world around them?

Detailed information on the event, as well as the program of the Olympics can be found on the official website, by clicking on the link

Welcome to another world!

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