Exhibition of paintings by Maya Marash - Somnium

Luke Tomanovica 4, 85320 Tivat
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From the 16th to the 29th of March in the Museum-Gallery of the city of Tivat (Montenegro) will be the first solo exhibition of the artist Maya Marash called Somnium.

Maya Marash was born on 28 August, 1993 in the Montenegrin city of Kotor. After completing her studies at the secondary school of arts in Cetinje, she continued to receive art education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Baneta Seculic class. During the training, Maya exhibited her works at several collective exhibitions both in Montenegro and abroad. This will be her first personal exhibition. Currently she lives and works in Tivat, where she prepares her diploma exhibition.

About the artworks of Maya Marash, theorist and art critic, Elena Buysic, wrote: "Maya's paintings are an obvious proof that the artist, while creating his creations, has his own perception of the world, saturated with powerful emotions, mysticism and eternal themes. different emotions and leads to a dilemma: in front of him is a motif with a real pattern or an impression of an artist.At every person in his life there are moments that change him instantaneously or with time.In the works of Maya these changes are shown with the help of different color In her paintings, next to the apparent happiness and the riot of colors, there is a kind of melancholy, which is yet another confirmation of how much strength and emotion she puts into her works".

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