11th Fair of seasonal positions in tourism - Summer Job 2018

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The 11th annual Fair of seasonal jobs in the field of tourism - Summer Job 2018, this year will be held from 26th to 30th March in several cities of Montenegro, namely:

- 26 March in the Multimedia Hall of the University Sports and Cultural Center in Podgorica;
- 28 March at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Kotor;
- 30 March at the College of Law, located in the city of Bijelo Polje.

The Summer Job fair is held in Montenegro for the 11th time in a row and within its framework it is possible to provide seasonal work to Montenegrin students and graduates in local companies and institutions. The implementation of this project influences the creation of an internationally competitive labor force in accordance with the planned Human Resources Development Strategy for Montenegro tourism.

The goal of the Summer Job project is to increase the participation of domestic labor resources in the tourism sector, as well as to attract young people and use their potential and energy for the development of tourism in Montenegro. Thus, we will contribute to reducing the unemployment rate among young people, strengthening their potential by preparing for the first entry into the labor market, and also in every way promoting an active approach to finding work in the country and encouraging their desire to work in Montenegro.

In addition, with the help of this project, another problem will be solved, namely, the outflow of funds from Montenegro, while the financial resources of the country are limited, and the economic crisis has become global.

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