Tandem skydiving - Podgorica 2018

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Who never in his life jumped from a plane with a parachute, they lost a lot ... The feeling of a real flight with free fall is an unforgettable feeling that can not be described ... it must be experienced!

A parachute jump in tandem with an instructor is the best option for the first jump. Tandem-jump with a parachute in Montenegro makes it easy and easy for every person to get acquainted with the sky, with this wonderful sport, and also enjoy a breathtaking view of Podgorica and its surroundings from a bird's eye view. Tandem jump from the plane in Podgorica is carried out from a height of 4000 meters, with a free fall which lasts about 50 seconds!

Tandem parachute jump in Montenegro will give you a unique opportunity to feel full freedom and enjoy real flight, as the instructor is located behind your back and, therefore, does not interfere with the review and, accordingly, the adrenaline rush and emotion. In addition, a parachute jump in tandem with an instructor will allow you to take photos and videos.

In addition, our flying club has accelerated training in free fall when jumping with a parachute - AFF (Accelerated FreeFall). AFF is the most modern and fast method of teaching free fall. It was developed in the US and is literally translated as "accelerated learning to free fall." In this method, the student from the very beginning jumps from a height of 3,500 to 4,000 meters, accompanied by two instructors specially trained for this type of parachute training.

During the jump, instructors use various positions of the body in the air and free fall movements, as well as controlling the parachute from opening to landing. Each subsequent parachute jump is prepared and practiced more intensively and more carefully, and after each jump a detailed review, analysis, evaluation and transition to a higher level of preparation follows.

For paratroopers with licenses, it's possible:

 - jump with parachute from 4000 meters
 - jump from 1200 meters

Information on the phone067 000 087, 067 457 799

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