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From April 11th to 15th, 2018, the 42nd Fair of Furniture, Household Appliances, Equipment for Offices and Interior Decoration will be held in the Exhibition Center of Budva.

The exhibition center, located on the Adriatic coast in the heart of the popular resort town of Budva, has existed for 50 years and is currently one of the main information sites of Montenegro, where during the whole year there are all kinds of exhibitions, fairs and other events of national and world level .

The Fair of Furniture in Budva over the past few years is a fairly successful platform for providing information on the many possibilities and advantages of wood as a completely natural and renewable raw material, as well as on the major domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers. Also, at the furniture exhibition in Budva, visitors can learn about the latest discoveries, unique developments and trends in the manufacturing industry of various furniture for home and office.

The objectives of the Exhibition of furniture in Budva: the enhancement of market interests, the promotion of domestic innovation, the promotion of design solutions and the ultimate unique products of the national industry, the development and strengthening of the market of these industries in Montenegro.

The 42nd Fair of Furniture will bring together under one roof companies that manufacture and sell various furniture for the apartment: antique and classic furniture, garden and office furniture, as well as interior design and custom-made furniture. The presence of foreign companies and manufacturers, as well as performances of professional associations and institutions, organized by the regional government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, further confirms the international character of this exhibition.

No doubt, this year the participants of the furniture exhibition will present the highest quality of their goods and services. In addition, at the Fair of Furniture - 2018, the jury will choose the most innovative and best furniture design and will award the winners with the prestigious EXPO Trophy.

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