3rd Club Regatta Sail Band Cup

Porto Montenegro, Tivat
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Entrance fee: 1500 €
From 15th to 22nd September, 2018, in the Bay of Kotor, in the Porto Montenegro area (Tivat, Montenegro), the 3rd Sail Band Cup Sailing Club Regatta will be held!

Regatta Sail Band Cup - 2018 is an amateur sports event organized according to all rules of international sailing competitions. But first of all, club regattas Sail Band Cup are the participants, their positive, the will to win, wit and courage!


- Race for short distances every day to the most beautiful places in Montenegro.
- New yachts fully staffed, prepared for participation in the race.
- International judge and professional reportage photographer.
- Saturated coast program and after party in the Audi salon in Nikolskaja.

The route of the regatta runs along the Bay of Kotor with a visit to the picturesque bay of Bigova and the ancient city of Kotor. Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa.

The Sail Band Cup-2018 * sailing regatta program:

September 15, Saturday

5:00 pm Meeting of participants in the marina Porto Montenegro, yacht reception, check-in

September 16, Sunday

09:00 am Briefing of Captains
10:00 am Introductory briefing, safety rules on board
11:00 am Launching on water, training in teams
6:00 pm Mooring in the marina Porto Montenegro
7:30 pm Gala dinner at the restaurant, opening of the regatta and greeting of the teams

17 September, Monday

10:00 am Start of the route race Tivat-Bigova
2:00 pm Start of the race on the signs in the Bay of Bigova
4:30 pm Mooring in a picturesque bay
6:00 pm Summing up the results of the first racing day in the fish restaurant Grispolis conoba

18 September, Tuesday

09:00 Briefing of Captains
11:00 am Continuation of a series of races in the Bay of Bigova
2:30 pm Beginning of the route race Bigova Kotor
6:00 pm Mooring in the marina of the ancient city of Kotor
7:00 pm Summing up the second race day

19 September, Wednesday

10:00 Start of the Kotor-Tivat route race
2:00 pm Short race by the signs in the Gulf of Tivat
5:00 pm Mooring in the marina Porto Montenegro
7:00 pm Summing up of the third race day

20 September, Thursday

09:00 Briefing of Captains
2:00 pm Short race on the signs in the Gulf of Tivat
5:00 pm Mooring in the marina Porto Montenegro
7 :00 pm Summing up of the fourth race day

21 September, Friday

11:00 am The final race
1:00 pm Walking along the coast, summing up
5:00 pm Gala dinner in the restaurant, awarding ceremony and official closing of the regatta

22 September, Saturday

09:00 Yacht rental and departure to the airport

* The regatta program can be adjusted for the weather

Cost of participation:

Individual participation (if you do not have a team, it's time to unite with someone)

- For one - 1500 €
(place in a double cabin)

- For two - 2500 €
(double cabin entirely)

Rent a yacht entirely (companies have the opportunity to perform their own flag)

- Without skipper - 5800 €
(if you bring your skipper - a deposit of 3000 €)

- With our skipper - 6500 €
(a professional who will be a part of your team for a week)

The price includes everything! which could be included:

The yacht and everything connected with it
• Place on the yacht (accommodation up to 8 people on board).
• Work as a professional skipper.
• Boat with outboard motor.
• Fuel.
• Final cleaning at the end of the regatta.
• Gennaker.
• Bed linen and towels.
• Wi-fi on board.
• Technical support.

The regatta and everything connected with it
• Referee ship.
• Work as a professional judge.
• Photo / video shooting.
• Parking on the entire route of the regatta.
• Tourist tax in Montenegro.
• Regatta fee (official permission of the authorities).
• The race fee.
• Two gala dinners (opening and closing).
• Coastal program.

Register for the regatta on the official website of the event organizers, by clicking on the link

At the mass regattas of the international level, you can be announced just a couple of days before the start. Club regattas, such as ours, have practically closed status and a limited number of seats. Wait for the record is not worth it.

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