Exhibition of Architecture, Construction and Interior Design - Space-2018

Cetinjska ulica b.b., Podgorica
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From 4th to 6th May, the first Fair of Architecture, Construction and Interior Design named "Space" will be held in the Delta City Shopping Center in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, in a specially adapted atmosphere.

"In addition to the world and European venues where we used to hold a variety of fairs on architecture, construction, interior and exterior design, this year we can confidently say that the first such exhibition will be held in Montenegro at the highest level, which will unite these three interconnected areas, "said the organizers of the event.

Famous construction companies and organizations, architectural bureaus, world companies will be represented at the exhibition of architecture, construction and interior design "Cosmos", which design interior and exterior to the smallest details, which, through their work and high quality of products and services, world.

The following firms / companies / organizations will take part in this Fair of Architecture, Construction and Design: Entext, Žižo Mural, Faculty of Architecture, University of Montenegro, Emmeti, Habitat, Europrojekt, Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute Dona Gorica, Cubico, Arhi.pro Montenegro, New Gallery of Visual Arts from Belgrade, as well as Synthesis architecture & design, Archifocus, Puratehnik and Green Factory (Montenegro).

"All participants of the fair will have the opportunity to present their current unique offers to potential business partners, companies and end-users, namely future projects, innovative products and the latest innovations in their field," the exhibition organizers said.

On 4 May, at the "Cosmos" exhibition, a contest will be held among all student works, following which the winner will be selected. You can participate in the competition either individually or in a team consisting of 2 students, and the author(s) of the best solution will receive a prize - a free trip to one of the European countries: Spain, Germany or Italy.

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