Concert of Natasha Treya

Dukley Gardens, Budva
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On 21 June, 2018, at 7:00 pm Dukley European Art Community together with music producer Alexander Cheparukhin invite you to a concert of Natalia Treya. The concert will take place in the art Dukley Gallery, which is located in the popular resort town Budva, Montenegro.

Natasha Treya has been long familiar with those who are interested in Russian youtube and youth culture.

Back at school in Minsk, Treya decided that her songs should be played on the radio. Without any acquaintances and money she held a contest in music schools in Minsk, chose a girl and recorded several songs with her. As Natasha recalls: "I told everyone that I'm a producer. Why they believed me, I still do not understand. "And everything turned out - these songs were on the Belarusian radio.

Later, already in Moscow, the lack of accommodation and money will lead Natasha to Vladimir Osinsky's studio, where she at first simply slept on the couch, and then began to offer her songs to those who were recording there. Soon Treya's songs were in the repertoire of Grigory Leps, Alla Pugacheva and many others. At the same studio, Natasha met Sergey Kalachev, a bass player (Alliance Group, Farlanders Inna Zhelannoy, Tinavie), respected in the international music world, with whom she founded Treya and performed at most music festivals in the country.

Leading modeling agencies offered Treya a fast and successful modeling career. But after the voyage of the world's major fashion capitals, Natasha strongly rejected the model business in order to devote herself fully to creativity.

In recent years, Natasha has become interested in video and has become a well-known filmmaker and video blogger. Her clips got in constant rotation on the musical channels of Ru.TV, MTV, Music box, MuzTV, O2 and others. In the summer 2017, MUZ-TV awarded her the prize for the best Internet video "M is Milena". Now Natasha is recording a new album, where her trademark ability to combine beautiful melodies with catchy texts is clearly audible. It was not by accident that she was accepted into the Belarusian Writers' Union at school, and now she is perhaps the most famous Belarusian poet. She has published several poetry collections, often participates in popular Moscow poetry slams.

At first glance, Natasha's songs belong to an unpretentious youth pop culture. But, probably, Treya is the first and only youth pop singer whose lyrics are real poetry and which does everything from the beginning to the end - she writes music, texts and takes a video that paves the bridge between youth pop culture and refined, many-valued and ironic modern art

Organized by: Dukley European Art Community

Date: 21 June, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Dukley Gallery, Mediteranska ulica bb, Dukley Residences, 2nd floor, Budva, Montenegro

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