Music Festival TIVAT WORLD 2018!

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From 14 to 16 September 2018 in the resort town of Tivat will be the second annual music festival - Tivat World 2018!

This year, in the framework of the Tivat World Festival, various concerts will be held on three main venues: the city embankment of Pine, the Plaza of the elite complex of Porto Montenegro and the Square of Culture in Tivat.

Note that TIVAT WORLD is an international festival of world music, which will be held in Montenegro for the second time. For the first time the music festival Tivat World was organized in September 2017, when it was visited by more than 4000 tourists in three days. It is expected that this autumn music festival will be visited by even more guests, as not only local artists and performers from neighboring countries of the Balkan region will take part, but also music groups from other countries of the world. To date, this is perhaps the only festival of its kind in Montenegro, featuring its authenticity and a wide range of cultural and entertainment offers that attract a large number of local residents, as well as foreign and domestic tourists.

The musical concept of the festival Tivat World 2018 - ethno-elements in the modern performance of various musical compositions.

This year three music groups from Montenegro will perform at the Tivat World festival: Rambo Amadeus, Džanum and Balkan Mediteran Orijent, musical guitar duet Nikčević and Bulatović, four groups from the Balkan region: Damir Imamović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kal (Serbia), Baklava (Macedonia) and Drum'N'Zez (Serbia), three music groups from 3 different continents: Light in Babylon (Turkey), Tibble Transsibiriska (Sweden) and Los Milonguitas (Argentina), as well as the guest of honor of the festival - the best jazz female vocals of the region - Sanja Raičković. The festival will be opened by musician Rambo Amadeus with his team.

At this festival everyone will have a unique opportunity to enjoy different music from around the world. The program of the event will be a unique combination of gastronomy and music. 

The motto of the music festival Tivat World 2018 - Feel it .Taste it. Briefly, but very accurately explains everything that you can experience during this three-day event, taking place in the sunny resort town of Tivat on the shores of the Bay of Kotor.

Schedule of the festival Tivat World 2018
Schedule of the festival Tivat World 2018

Organizer: Tourist organization of the city of Tivat (Montenegro).

Date: September 14-16, 2018
Time of the event: 7:00 pm.
Venue: Pine embankment, square in Porto Montenegro and Cultural Square, Tivat (Montenegro).

The entrance is free.

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