Comics Festival in Herceg Novi (RSF)

Herceg Novi
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Association of fans of comic books titled "Comic Festival in Herceg Novi" for the past nine years successfully organizes the only festival of comics in Montenegro, which will be held for the tenth time from 2 to 7 September, thus confirming the importance of this event.

At the festival returns storyborder of popular series "Game of Thrones" by William Simpson, who drew Batman, Judge Dred, Transformers, Indiana Jones, Eighth traveler and more, and was also our guest in the first weekend of February.

Besides, the participation in the festival confirmed Mike Collins (Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Justice League, in 2000 AD, Dr.Who ...), Guillermo Ortego (Batman, Avengers, Lobo, Spectre ...), Walter Trono (Dragonero, Dylan Dog, SBE ...), Milorad Vicanović Maza (Wunderwafen, Lady Spitfire, Jour J ...), Yacine Elghorri (Futurama, Titan AE, Evolution, the Fantastic Four, Thru the Moebius Strip), Igor Kordej - one of the most important artists of comics of that region, Sonja Gašperov, Dragan Paunović, Pavle Zelić, Dejan Šijuk, Jana Adamović, Dragana Kuprešanin.
Embassy of Italy, that has been supporting the festival for a long time, has prepared a surprise for the guests in honor of the anniversary.
In addition to the usual program for the first time, with the support of partners and friends, cafe-pizzeria "Atelier" from Herceg Novi organized a contest of short comics with cash prizes.

The competition will begin with the opening of the festival.
The theme is a cafe or a bohemian life. Awards for the winners are: 1st place 250 EUR, 2nd place 150 EUR, and 3rd place 75 EUR.

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