The Fifth Autumn Festival "The Age of Happiness"

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Entrance fee: 30 €
From September 29 to October 8, 2018, the fifth autumn festival "Age of Happiness" will be held in the resort town of Budva (Montenegro)!

39 people from 8 countries of the world will gather in Montenegro and each will answer the only question about what is happiness. The youngest of them is 43 years old, and the oldest is 87 years old !!!. All of them are participants of the project "The Age of Happiness". Be familiar!

The program of the autumn festival "The Age of Happiness" in Montenegro:

Evening program:

- Alyona Sviridova
- Mikhail Kazinik
- The group "Umaturman" 
- Konstantin Raikin
- Billy's Band
- Mango-Mango Group

Program of lectures and sports activities

Every morning before breakfast

According to your choice:

1. Joint gymnastics - an easy and safe workout for people with any level of training. Includes exercises on balance, relieving tension in the muscles, improving blood circulation, the mood for active work of both hemispheres of the brain. Simple and understandable movements, which everyone can perform at their own pace and at their level of intensity. An excellent option for a positive start to the day.

Who leads: Konstantin Smirnov, 54

Additionally for those who wish individual diagnosis and therapeutic massage ($)

2. Yoga of everyday movements - the author's course of exercises aimed at restoring the joints and spine

Who leads: doctor and manual therapist Sergey Makeev, 60

Additionally for those who wish individual diagnosis and manual therapy ($)

3. The author's course of Eugene Atanov is a complex of simple accessible exercises, including elements of Tai Chi. Helps to recognize the causes of physical discomfort and eliminate them in the shortest possible time.

Who leads: Eugene Atanov, 60, Master of Wellness Practices and Martial Arts

Additionally for those who wish private lessons ($)

4. SUP-surfing - walking the sea on a board with a paddle. A fascinating, though not the most simple, exercise on balance.

Who leads: Mikhail Panov, 64

5. Swimming with Lyudmila Voronova: every morning, guided by the weather, we go out into the sea and swim under Lyudmila's direction along the coastline. The class is suitable for all who can swim and feel confident in the water. Most likely, you will reach the sea, and by the end of the festival you will take part in mini-triathlon organized by Lyudmila.

6. Hit of all our festivals: Transformational games, by recording, several games as groups are set, ($)

About the lesson: Work in small groups of up to 8 people, in fact - individual consultation. Each player in the process of the game passes through its unique route, which allows you to work out various aspects of life and get answers to your questions.

Who leads: Lev Korogodsky, 52

Every day from 12:00 pm

Full schedule of classes can be viewed by clicking on the link

A small addition. At the festivals we try to create a communication environment free from any stereotypes. We do not want to improve you - you are beautiful! We do not want to speculate on your feelings of guilt. We want to share experiences, talk with each other, listen and hear each other, and also sing, walk and have fun.

Cost of the program and accommodation:

- 30 Euro - one concert or one creative meeting;
- 130 Euro - one festival day. The price includes all the activities of the program. Accommodation and meals are organized by yourself.
- 300 Euro - non-refundable reservation, the rest is paid extra already at the festival in accordance with the chosen type of participation/was 500 Euro, changed at the request of the participants;
- 900 Euro - the program of the festival, you pay for participation in all events, including excursions, accommodation and transfer arrangements;
- 1295 Euro - participation in the festival and double accommodation + breakfast + dinner + tourist tax + insurance on the territory of the hotel + transfer from Tivat or Podgorica;
- 1460 Euros - participation in the festival and a single stay + breakfast + dinner + tourist tax + insurance on the territory of the hotel + transfer from Tivat or Podgorica;

This is from September 29 to October 8. If you want to arrive earlier, and leave later, then write to us, please make a recalculation.

Dear friends, for those who are going to visit us for the autumn festival in Montenegro, it will be useful to know that it is very profitable to come by the four of us! If you come from a company of 4 people, then for payment from July 1 to 15 we have a special offer for you !!

Details and payment: or here

We are waiting for 300 people.

"Hot line" of the festival:

Phone: +7 499 110-36-62

Organizers: The Age of Happiness

Date: September 29 - October 8, 2018
Time: 09:00 am
Location: Budva (Montenegro).

Come, we'll film you too!

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