Budva - City Orchestra celebrates 110 years of its existence

Last performance this year, on the anniversary festival "City Theatre" will take place on Thursday, August 4, in the honor of the 110th anniversary of the City Orchestra of Budva.
The concert will take place between the two churches at 21.30.
The musical program of the concert, composed Lubarda Milena Maroevic should emphasize the importance of the orchestra for Budva, thereby enhancing the continuity of the aesthetic standards of artistic expression. The repertoire will feature "a well-known marches, jazz music, film music, waltzes ..."

"12 boys from Budva, similarly dressed, only started to play musical instruments, will be held in the city" - it was written in 1908 by chronicler Pav Mikulov. In two years, in September 1906, a Czech musician Carlo Vela organized in the Croatian Cultural Society "Sloga" a group of fifteen boys and began to teach the notes and play the tin tools.
Under his leadership, the orchestra existed till1914, but its work were interrupted by the breaking up of war.
City orchestra resumed its work in 1924. It has been budgeted for the municipality of Budva.
There were 17 people in the orchestra. The performances took place in all the major events of Budva in between the two wars.

Again the war, and the orchestra work was suspended from 1941 until 1951
School and rehearsals with the new and old musicians were organized by Luigi Juric.
Soon guidance assumes a well-known composer of Kotor Tripo Thomas, and already in 1955 appeared the first post-war uniforms and new conductor Ljubo Urban, who led the orchestra over the period of 33 years and left an indelible mark.

In those years, the orchestra has performed not only in Budva, but also in the neighboring towns of the Bay of Kotor, in Belgrade, Split, Novy Sad, Dubrovnik.
By decree of JB Tito, then President of Yugoslavia, City Orchestra of Budva in 1975 was awarded the Order of Brotherhood and Unity with silver wreath, and in 1976 received "the November award" of the city of Budva.
Paul Aksamit, a music teacher from Poland in 1988 became conductor of the city orchestra
The new enthusiasm and new repertoire. Marches are replaced with popular tunes, jazz, polka and waltz.

Since October 2006, Ana Brayak Molchanov, a teacher of the music school of Budva, became a conductor, in 2009 returns Aksamit till the end of 2012.
After that the orchestra will continue its work without a leader until 2014, before the arrival of Radovan Papovich, who led the orchestra until the end of the year.

In February this year, Momir Petrichevich taken over management of the school.
Residents of Budva always loved their city orchestra, that could always cheer up....... At all times, the city orchestra has been a symbol of Budva.

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