7 Festival of Balkan rock music Bedem Fest

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Entrance fee: 5 €
Bedem Fest Festival this year will be held from 25th to 27th of August!
Bedem Fest Nikšić - summer music festival of alternative art, which takes place in the fortress Bedem in Niksic.

This year the organizers have prepared a lot of surprises for you!
As previously reported, this year 22 performers would be in the list of the festival. Visitors will enjoy 12 premiere performances, distributed by genre, energy and sound.
In addition to music, at the opening of the festival, we are proud to present our great Paralympians, so we can wish them great success in Paralympic Games in Rio.
The older generation of visitors will enjoy the presentations from cult classics, such as: S vremena na vreme, Aerodrom and Drugi Način.
And young people definitely enjoy presentations by the following groups: IRIE FM-a, E Play, Bitipatibi, Nezni Dalibor.
Montenegrin scene will be presented by Gomila Nesklada and Džej Džej Okocha.

The organized shuttle back and forth from the coastal, northern cities, and from Podgorica, thanks to the collaboration of the festival with the transport companies "Lalatović" and "Stanišić" is a certainly good news this year. All interested people can send a request through the Facebook page of the festival, and the specific information with the exact departure time will be announced in the coming days on www.bedemfest.me site.

Departure of buses and prices are listed below:

Meeting: Near shopping center TC Delta city at 6p.m.
Cost of return ticket: 3 €

Meeting: Bus station at 5.15 p.m.
Cost of return ticket 5 €

Meeting: Tre Canne at 4:30 p.m.
Cost of return ticket: 8 €

Meeting: Near TC Kamelija shopping center at 4 p.m.
Cost of the ticket there and back: 10 €

Herceg Novi
Meeting: Building of Institute at 5 p.m.
Cost of return ticket: 10 €

Every night at 3:30 am at railway and bus stations a return transfer is organized.
Transfer to Podgorica is organized by the transport company "Stanišić" every night at the end of the program at 3:30 at the railway and bus stations. Ticket price is 1.5 €.
Tickets for the seventh Bedem fest is already on sale in all cities of Montenegro and Serbia.

Sales locations: Tobacco S Press-a http://www.gigstix.me/prodajnamreza;
http://www.gigstix.com/prodajna-mesta-gde-kupiti-ulaznice at a price of 5.00 euros (ticket for one day).

Also, visitors will be able to buy tickets on the spot, right in front of the entrance of the festival.
We also invite all lovers of camping, for which all facilities are organized this year, thanks to the families Spasojevic and Petrovic-Njegos.
Camping is free.
Any cyclist from the region can come by bike to the festival. If you wish to do this, you must submit your application: bedembike@gmail.com.

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