Garage Sale in Budva

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On June 9, 2019 (Sunday), from 12:00 to 6:00 pm, at the Lav Garden hotel, which is located in the city of Budva (Montenegro), the Garage Sale takes place!

Make hay while the sun shines, while our fires are bright, while the flags are proudly flying garlands over our heads, while everyone has warmed up in the dance ... and are charged for accomplishments. In general, we decided to stir up the garage sale. Right in our cozy Lion Yard, on Sunday, June ninth, right from noon, on all our tables, on all our carpets, with all our and your friends, under the funky set from Valera Zaitsev!

I think this is a good reason not only to meet and communicate, but also to exchange values. We need support for this initiative ... with your initiatives, which we also promise to support. Write, call, here, there, in HP ... in general, get in touch.

Have an idea to sell the old and the unnecessary? OK! Have an idea to sell new and necessary? Norm! Have an idea to sell your own work? Fine! Got an idea to sell your artwork? Why not! Have an idea to sell drinks or food? you can! Any idea of ​​buying something from the above? Deal!

Here below we will talk about all the ideas and suggestions in order:

Valery Zaytsev funk funk funk set!
Pavel Brat pioneer bonfire on the classics and just something else!
Anna Marishina (I suppose you are already preparing interesting things and are you already prepared a lot of things?)
Ali Rakhmonov festive pilaf on beef and baked shoulder of lamb in the coals!
Mikhail Ruban (rehearsing access to the gypsy flea market?)
Marina Shemyakina something from the children's fleet!
Nikita Kharchenko is the rarest and most delicious tea and the whole tea ceremony

Organizers: PBDlab

Date: June 9, 2019
Time: from 12:00 to 6:00 pm
Venue: Hotel Lav Garden, Budva (Montenegro).

Waiting for you!!!

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