Festival «Makaruli» in Petrovac

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On June 29, 2019, at 7:00 pm, in the city of Petrovac (Montenegro), the traditional national festival "Makaruli" will be held!

Makaruli is an ancient national dish, which to this day remains a favorite food in the Pashtrovichi district, which is located along the coast from Budva to Buliarica. Macaruli is a special type of handmade pasta, which is poured with hot fat and sprinkled with cheese. They look like ordinary spaghetti, but only juicier, tastier and longer. The dried macaroni dough is spread in circular motions on the cleaned and oiled dry stems of certain wild-growing herbs. Macarulis are prepared in the following way: a lump of dough sufficient for one macarule, they are stuck to the middle of a dry herbal needle 30-40 cm long, stretched along the entire length and then carefully removed from the stem. It is very important that macaroons remain hollow.

In addition to properly prepared dough for macaroni and the cooking itself, it is very important that at the end they were watered with the necessary amount of fat, and the cheese, grated and sprinkled on top, was of good quality. It was about that in ancient times Pashtrovichi sang a song: “Macarulis are good pasta, but we need cheese and butter.” Today makaruli is most often served with pashtitsada — braised beef cooked in a wine sauce, and in old times they were eaten with cornfish sausages, bacon, corned beef and offal.

A rich and varied program of the Makaruli Festival will include a tasting of macaroons with pastikada and various other additives and pastries, traditional Mediterranean dishes, a parade and a concert of Budva City Music, as well as a performance by the musical group on the embankment of Petrovac.

A defile of the musical collective of Budva City Music will begin at 7:00 pm on the square in front of the Katic restaurant, where the concert will take place. At 8:00 pm there will be a tasting of various dishes in front of the restaurants "Tramontana", "Meduza", "Mun", "Bistro", "Paradiso", "Katič", "MTV,"Orada"," Lazaret" and "Riva".

At 9:00 pm in the evening, at three different venues of the city, near the Memorial House “Krasna Komuna” and near the restaurants “Katich” and “Lazaret”, the musical groups “Castel Nuovo”, “Škuribanda” and “Maris” will perform.

The purpose of this event is to promote the national Mediterranean cuisine as a very important part of the tourist offer of the Budva Riviera, to attract as many tourists as possible to this region of Montenegro, and also to make June in Petrovac even more beautiful and attractive month for visiting.

Organizers: Budva Tourist Organization

Date: June 29, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Petrovac (Montenegro).


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