The first International Music Festival

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The first International Music Festival in Ulcinj

The first International Music Festival in Ulcinj will be held from Friday 9 September to Sunday 11 September at various locations in the picturesque coastal town of Ulcinj. The festival will present a superb Balkan musicians and world-famous artists. This year's event will feature Montenegrin artists: Gjylie Peling - soprano and Iliriana Gjoni -pijanistkinja, Serbian pianist -Nataša Mitrovic, and New York's music association 'Musica Poetica' 'consisting of: Oren Fader - guitar, Barry Crawford - flute and Eleanor Valkenburg - soprano. They will perform works by Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Bogdanovic, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Gershwin songs and piano pieces by Albanian composers.
Amazing and romantic city of Ulcinj with its sparkling beaches and the old town is the perfect place for Ulcinj's International Festival. Talented young musicians and experienced professionals from around the Balkans and beyond, will be able to collaborate and combine their talents by presenting their music for Ulcinj residents and tourists from around the world.
The festival is supported by the Albanian-American Cultural Foundation in New York in collaboration with the Music School in Ulcinj, hotel "Mediterranean", the hotel "Palata Venezia" and the city administration of Ulcinj.

Admission is free to all concerts.

Friday, September 9, 2016 at 20:00 -The opening of the festival
Hotel Mediterranean – conference hall
Artist: Gjylie Peling - soprano, Iliriana Gjoni - piano, Oren Fader - guitar, Natasa Mitrovic -pianoforte, Eleanor Valkenburg - soprano.
Works by Copland, Bogdanovic, Gershwin songs and piano pieces of Albanian composer
The power of duet

Saturday, September 10 at 20:00
Hotel Mediterranean – conference hall
Artists: Iliriana Gjoni - piano, Natasa Mitrovic - piano.
Works by Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Chopin and Mendelssohn, including pieces from the suite "The Nutcracker '' for four hands.
*Matine outdoor concert

Sunday, September 11 at 11:00
Hotel "Palata Venezia" 
Artist: Oren Fader - guitar
Acts Laura, Rodrigo, Carter and others.

*Closing the festival outdoors
From the Americas

Sunday, September 11 at 17:00
Hotel "Palata Venezia" 
Artist: Gjylie PELING - soprano, Oren Fader - guitar, Barry Crawford - flute, Eleanor Valkenburg - soprano.
Acts potable, Gershwin, Villa-Lobos, Koriliana, black spiritual songs and songs from Broadway.

*In case of rain, concerts will be held in the conference room at the hotel "Palata Venezia".

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