Concert of Oleg Nesterov and the Megapolis band

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Entrance fee: 15 €
On September 28, 2019, at 7:30 pm, the Zebra Hotel, which is located in the resort town of Tivat (Montenegro), will host a concert by Oleg Nesterov and the legendary rock band Megapolis!

Attention! Attention! Oleg Nesterov and the legendary Megapolis band in Montenegro. Everyone go to the concert! Megapolis will perform for you “those” favorite songs! Our very youth goes to us.

The Megapolis group does not need to be represented. This is one of the most popular music groups in the last 30 years. Who doesn’t know “Karl-Marx-Stadt” or “Feminine Heart”, “Muscovites”, “I-Spring” and, of course, a hit about “Bluebird Eggs”?

The legendary Megapolis will give an unusual concert in a chamber format. As the musicians say, for this performance they chose a rare format of a “kvartirnik”, because “it is that is characterized by the closest and warmest communication”. This evening, the Real Moscow Ensemble will play only “the most important and beloved,” and Oleg Nesterov will tell amazing stories that have happened to the group for more than 30 years of its existence.

Well, for those who are not in the know (are there really such people?)

Megapolis is an extremely popular Russian rock band founded in Moscow in 1987. For 32 years - 10 albums. Chart leaders, symbol of Moscow 1990s. They lurked for a long time. The leader of the group Oleg Nesterov successfully engaged in producing. And in 2010 they were resurrected from the ashes, and again found themselves on the wave of success. Many songs of the group are written on poems by famous poets: Joseph Brodsky, Alexander Barash, Vasco Popa, Andrey Voznesensky, Vera Polozkova. The 2010 album "Supertango" was recognized by the magazine "Poster" the most successful in the history of the band. Since then they have been conducting successful concert activities.

More information about events and tickets can be bought here:

Advance booking of tickets with purchase immediately before the event: +382 69 184 400

Date: September 28, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Hotel Zebra, Tivat, Montenegro

Come, it will be interesting!

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