Hiking Day Kotor - Lovcen - Kotor

On September 29, 2019, on Sunday, in the resort town of Kotor (Montenegro), the traditional sports and entertainment event "Day of Hiking Kotor - Lovcen - Kotor" will be held !

The walking day “Kotor-Lovcen-Kotor” will be held in Montenegro for the 11th time in a row. This event is not competitive in nature, but is intended for lovers of walks, mountain hiking and outdoor recreation.

Participants of the Kotor - Lovcen - Kotor Hiking Day can choose three route options:

- Kotor - the mausoleum of Nоegos (Jezersky vrh) at an altitude of 1657 meters above sea level, back through Kopit to Kotor. The route is 31 km long.
- Walking tour to the Krstac pass at an altitude of 937 meters above sea level. The length of the route is 13.5 km.
- Entertaining tour Spiljara - Church of St. George. The length of the route is 6.2 km.

The essence of these walking routes will be that it would be a pleasure to stroll through the beautiful, picturesque places of Montenegro.

A feature of this event is that the route passes through very attractive natural landscapes from the Bay of Kotor through the rocky outskirts of Kotor, to the forest part of the Lovcen National Park. In addition, the route passes through cultural and historical monuments, such as the walls of the old town of Kotor with the fortress of St. Ivan, the old walking path of Kotor Njegusi-Cetinje and of course the Njegos mausoleum in Lovcen.

In addition to the exceptional features of the diversity and beauty of the landscape through which the route passes, the very fact of rising from the "sea foam", about 4 meters above sea level, to the level of the highest point, about 1700 meters above sea level is interesting.

The event will be accompanied by medical workers and the club’s mobile teams. Also at all control points will be available light “energy recharge” and water.

Equipment: a sun hat, comfortable shoes (preferably tested, not new) - sneakers or boots for tracking /trail. (Not: sandals, slates, sneakers, shoes). Clothing that you like, but it is recommended to take light and wind-proof things as a cold wind can blow.

Organizers: Kotor Club Vjeverica (Squirrel)

Date: September 29, 2019
Location: Kotor, Montenegro

We are waiting for you!

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