28th Kotor Festival of children's theater

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From 2 to 10 July 2020, the Cultural center, which is located in the Old city of Kotor (Montenegro), will host the traditional, annual 28th Kotor festival of children's theater!

During the Kotor theater festival, the audience will be able to enjoy children's performances, plays and theatrical productions in various genres. The youngest visitors of the festival, up to 5 years old, will also be able to enjoy watching children's performances prepared especially for them.

The motto of the 28th Children's theater festival in Kotor: "Everything has stopped, only children are growing up, and this indicates the need for the realization of the basic rights and needs of children to be respected and ensured in a series of geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters and financial crisis. Therefore, despite the shorter time frame and smaller scale of this event than in previous years, this year we will still try to prepare and conduct the festival of children's theater in the most responsible and diverse way to meet the criteria of our audience".

This year, the Podgorica City theater will present its two new premieres at the festival: "Macom papučaricom "and"Na ivici neba". The theater from Niksic will present the play "Kraljević i prosjak". The Royal theater " Zetski dom "(Cetinje) will present the premiere of the play"Ljubavno doba" to the public. There will also be plays that have been repeatedly shown at the festival of Children's theater in Kotor and to which the audience is always very interested: "Ivo Visin-kapetan od snova", "Lagarije-predavanje o surogatu, Kinez, Cvrčak i mrav" and "Kako rastu velik ljudi".

Traditionally, this year children's creative groups will perform: Mala sirena, Alisa, Infinity dance and Akord from Niksic.

Also, a theater troupe from Croatia is scheduled to perform at the festival if all the measures and formal conditions for their arrival in Montenegro are met. The team from Croatia will present the play "S razlogom" performed by LOFT and the Pinklec theater company from Zagreb.

As for the accompanying entertainment program, there are plans to organize various educational workshops, creative workshops for making dolls and acting, as well as productions that will feature well-known theater artists of Montenegro.

Organizers: municipality of Kotor, Tourist organization of Kotor, KotorArt, etc.

Date: July 2 - July 10, 2020
Time: from 10: 00
Location: Old town of Kotor, Montenegro

Come, it will be interesting!

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