The exhibition "Underwater photography" by Stephen Kyuchukov

Luštica, Tivat
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The exhibition "Underwater photography" by Stephen Kyuchukov will be organized in the Lustica Bay Marina Village

The exhibition will present 24 photographs of extraordinary beauty of the world ocean and its intriguing nature.
The pictures were taken while the photographer was traveling in different countries, including Mexico, Palau, Indonesia and Egypt.
At the opening of the exhibition will also be presented photographs taken under water on the Montenegrin coast.
Kyuchukov is a lawyer from Bulgaria, living in Luštica Bay, and engaged in underwater photography for many years.

"Underwater photography has appeared in my life after my main hobby -. diving. When my passion became a matter of habit for me, I began to notice the underwater world in all its beauty, which I decided to impart through photography.
In my case, it was found that a passion for the underwater world took the place in my life, along with my hobbies from childhood, such as skiing, sailing and aeromodelling. Sea is a world that is extremely interesting, not only in its depths, but also on surface.I realized that only with the help of photos you can share with other people the splendor of the underwater kingdom and its inhabitants. Many beautiful creatures that live on the sea floor, the size of which are 10, 5, 1 mm, virtually inaccessible to the naked human eye. Their beauty, as a rule, is impossible to see, much less appreciate.
Bright colors, details and forms of macro-photographs are impressive ", -told us the photographer on the occasion of the exhibition.

Kyuchukov is a professional certified diver. Diving started in 2001, and nine years later, he became interested in underwater photography.
He completed training photo at a famous British photographer Martin Edge.

Indian Ocean waters are one of the most favorite destinations, especially in Indonesia, as well as the underwater world of the Red Sea.
Micronesia depth of the Pacific Ocean is full of a plurality of sunken ships and the coast of Mexico is home for many marine mammals and sharks.

Defenders of underwater ecosystems stand for adherence to rules and regulations during the dive by following the main motto of all divers:
"Take only pictures, leave only bubbles."

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