The 8th Hiking Day -Lovcen-Kotor-Lovcen

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Dear friends, the guest of mountain tourist club Vjeverica (Veveritsa), we inform you that on Sunday, October 2, 2016 will be a traditional "8th day of hiking Kotor-Lovcen-Kotor".

From this year, the hiking day is divided into 4 categories:
  • Running Marathon (new category) (Njegos mausoleum Ezerski verh 1649 meters above sea level) 31 km.
  • PEDESTRIAN MARATHON (Njegos mausoleum Ezerski verh - 1649 meters above sea level) 31 km.
  • Walking tour KRSTAC (mountain pass Kerstats - 937 m above sea level) 13.5 km.
  • RECREATIONAL TOUR PRAĆIŠTE (Plateau Prachishte - 620 m above sea level) 10 km.
For running and walking MARATHON registration of participants is carried out online until September 26, 2016 on this reference. Also, until the 26th of September it is needed to pay participation in the Marathon in the amount of 5 euros to the account of Vjeverica club. Further information on the above link.

For a walking tour KRSTAC and recreational TOUR PRAĆIŠTE registration of participants will take place on the day of the Marathon (45 minutes before the start). To participate you need to report only the name, last name and your city.

Please read the following instructions:

Meeting place and departure (START) for all categories is Gurdić (Gurdich), that is, the southern gates of the city of Kotor. The place of ending is the northern city gates ( "Crnogorski Pazar" - Montenegrin Bazaar) on Tabachine where is the finish (CILJ) with the control team of Vjeverica club.

Start time by the category:
Category Meeting-Start The peak Distance Runnung Marathon 6.00 am - 7.00 am Ezerski vrh 1649 m 31 km Walking Marathon 6.00 am - 7.05 am Ezerski vrh 1649 m 31 km Krstac 7.00 am - 8.00 am Pass Krstats 937 m 13,5 km Praćište 8.00 am - 9.00 am Praćište 620 m 10 km
For Marathon, participants must check in in the morning no later than at 6.50 am at the day of the activity. We ask you to arrive in time, not to create a queue!

Marathon runners will start exactly at 7.00, after them after 5 minutes in 7.05 will start marathon pedestrians.

Time of waiting of marathon runners’ passing the check points, after which in the case of delay Marathon participants will be redirected to the walking tour KRSTAC:
The event will be accompanied by medical staff and mobile teams of our club. At all control points energy bars and bottled water will be available.

On the control points will also be members of the club Vjeverica which will enter you into the list of participants and make a stamp indicating the area as evidence of your passing. The result of the participant will not be taken into account with the missing stamps.

Route map:
Карта трассы Котор-Ловчен-Котор

Uspon - up; spust - down. Cilj - finish.

Note: on the motorway one has to pass in the zones of Kerstats Vrh Polja.

- No registration will be held in the morning of the marathon category before the start. During this period, only checks of the presence of the participants, registered previously online, will be held, as well as the distribution of the starting numbers with a map of the rought.
- Because of the high interest of school and gymnasia students in the participation of the Marathon "8th day of hiking Kotor-Lovcen-Kotor" it is announced that only participation of students over 18 years is allowed. Terms of registration for participants under 18 years old are the same as for adults - through the online registration and payment, as well as on the hiking or recreational KRSTAC ROUND ROUND PRAĆIŠTE under the control and supervision of a guide of our club, according to the rules of one-day hike.
- Athletes of Kotor secondary schools that are members of a sports club, have the right to participate in the Marathon with the consent of the teacher of physical education (and underage participants - also with the consent of the parents).


Athletic event is characterized by the fact that the rought passes through a very attractive area of Kotor rocks to the forest areas of the National Park "Lovcen". Also, the rought passes through the significant cultural and historical monuments: the fortress walls of the old town of Kotor with the fortress of St. Ivan, the old pedestrian road Kotor Njegusi, Cetinje and Njegoš mausoleum on Lovcen.

In addition to the extremely diverse and attractive landscape, through which the trail passes, Marathon is marked out by the fact that it starts from the level of "sea foam" (4 meters above sea level), and the highest point is about 1700 m above sea level.

Spend the day with us on the nature!

Organizational team of Vjeverica club.

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