Celebration of the 130th anniversary of the orchestra, the music of the Herceg Novi town

Herceg Novi
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Celebration of the 130th anniversary of the foundation of urban music in Herceg Novi will be held from the 16th till the 18th of September.

On Friday, September 16, from 6 pm, starting from the "Robna kuća" on Toploj street to the square "Nikola Djurkovic" will walk the urban music orchestra and majorettes of Herceg Novi.
On Saturday, September 17, at 10 am on the square "Nikola Djurkovic" traditional mini-concert will be held, and Herceg Novi majorettes will also perform.
From 10.30 to 12.30 perform following vocal ensembles from the Bay of Kotor:
"Castel Nuovo" Herceg Novi, "Belezza" Tivat, "Fortuna" Herceg Novi and female vocal group "Lira" Herceg-Novi.
Program is run by Valentina Kulinovich.
On Sunday, September 18, starting from 6 pm from the administration building to the Municipality Square "Nikola Djurkovic", will be a parade of seven bands.
The program continues till 8pm near the tower Kanli Kula by the concert of brass bands from Montenegro and the region.
Participants of the program: urban music orchestra from Budva (Montenegro), Orchestra "Novo Mesto" (Slovenia), Music and Education Society Tivat (Montenegro), brass band Metkovic (Croatia), the orchestra Djenovici (Montenegro), City Orchestra and majorettes from Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), city orchestra of Kotor (Montenegro), city orchestra and majorettes Herceg Novi (Montenegro).
The dance part presents cultural and sports center "Diano" Herceg-Novi (Montenegro).
The program is run by well-known Montenegrin TV presenter Adrian Bozovic.
At the end of the program a dinner for participants will be organized at 10.00 pm near the tower Kanli Kula.
Special guest of the evening - music group "Ragusa" from Dubrovnik.
Organizers of the event are Municipality and Tourist organization of Herceg Novi, a leading performer of "Herceg Fest".
Sponsors and friends of events: primary music school Herceg Novi, JUSŠ "Ivan Goran Kovačić", volunteer club "Tačka oslonca", Housing and communal services Herceg Novi, EPK Herceg Novi 2021., cultural and sports center "Diano" Herceg Novi, Andrijana Božović, Sport Caffe, MZ Herceg Novi, Caffe Pizzeria 5.
Members of the organizing committee: Stevan Koprivica, Tamara Lepetić, Antonija Novoselac and Valentina Kulinović.
We invite all residents and visitors to celebrate the anniversary of the orchestra, the music of the Herceg Novi town.

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