City transport

Bus schedule, Online board

In Montenegro, one can get to any city, beach, store or any other place, not only by a rented car or taxi, but also by public city transport. This kind of trip is much more economical and, as a rule, tourists choose it for their trip around the country. Here you can find all information about public transport in Montenegro as soon as possible, and quite comfortable. In...

Bus station

 In the given section we have collected information that will help you to find any bus station of the bus route on the territory of Montenegro easily and quickly. When collecting data on bus stations in Montenegro, ticket prices, stopovers, we have been following the information carefully to ensure that it is relevant.

Bus stop

 This article contains the official and unspoken bus stops in Montenegro, intended for getting on and getting off of ground public transport (bus, jitney), urban or suburban. Almost all the stops and platforms in Montenegro are equipped with plates with numbers and schedule of the routes of urban and suburban auto transport, and in some cases there is an additional...

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Urban and suburban passenger transport in Montenegro is quite popular among both locals and tourists. In Montenegro, there is a fairly broad and extensive network of different routes of buses and jitneys. Regular trips and relatively low price make the trip by urban transport of Montenegro one of the most accessible and popular means of transport for the general public. In addition, we have created for our visitors a unique opportunity to communicate and share experience of their trips around Montenegro in the comments.
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