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In this section you can view the actual schedule of departure and arrival of trains, learn the prices, choose your desired train and meet your relatives, friends or acquaintances in time. In addition to the timetable of railway transport, you can see online scoreboard of all railway stations in Montenegro and Serbia. To do this, enter in the "Departure" or "Arrival" the...

Railway stations in Montenegro

 Currently in Montenegro, there are six main train stations: Podgorica, Bar, Niksic, Sutomore, Tuzi and Bijelo Polje. The main line goes from Belgrade (Serbia), through Bijelo Polje, Podgorica, to Bar (Belgrade – Bar line). Passenger transportation is regularly done on this line. In this area there are up to 4 daily trains, one night, with sleeping facilities....

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Railway transport in Montenegro is one of the types of public transport, no less popular with tourists than buses or car renting. The total length of the network is 250 km (including 162 km electrified). The width of the track is standard (1435 mm). On the network of railways in Montenegro there are 121 tunnels, with a total length of almost 58 km. In general, we can say that the railway network in Montenegro is small and the country does not have a developed internal railway connection. All this is due to the fact that the country has a mountainous terrain and to make a road it is necessary to make tunnels, and this is quite an expensive and long-term process ...

The railways of Montenegro are managed by the company "Željeznica Crne Gore". The main railway line goes from Belgrade (Serbia), through Bijelo Polje and Podgorica to the coast, to the city of Bar (the Belgrade-Bar line). A regular passenger service is carried out along this line. In this direction there are up to 4 daily trains, one of them is night, with sleeping accommodations. In addition, on a section between Podgorica and Bar, up to five daily commuter trains run, the travel time is 1 hour. For tourists who are vacationing in the area of Bar and Sutomore, moving towards Podgorica - it is extremely convenient.

The freight operating lines - Podgorica-Niksic (passenger traffic ceased in 1992 and restored in 2013) and Podgorica-Shkoder (Albania).

Montenegrin trains are divided into four categories:

- "ekspresni" (express),
- "poslovic" (fast),
- "brzy" (high-speed)
- "Putnicky" (passenger).

Prices for different categories of trains are different, but tickets are generally inexpensive, from 2.5 to 7 euros. In night trains to Belgrade there are only compartment cars with the cost of a reserved seat about 4 euros in a second-class compartment with three seats, about 3 euros in a four-seat compartment and 2.5 euros in a six-seat compartment. The place in the first class sleeping car costs about 7 euros. Trip Bar-Belgrade costs about 4-5 euros in the second class and 5-6 euros in the first one (524 km., travel time is about 7.5 hours). Baggage up to the established limit (about 50 kg) is not paid.

In the summer season, the number of trains increases according to the summer schedule. To buy a ticket on the passing train is quite difficult, so it is worth reserving the place in advance. Most trains have a non-smoking compartment. The "Inter-Rail" and "Euro-Rail" passes do not operate, Podgorica and Bar train stations have luggage storage facilities, which require a passport for obtaining it.

The railway company of Montenegro "Željeznica Crne Gore" annually, before the beginning of the tourist season, notifies all users of its services about the expansion of offers of international connection by direct rail runs from Montenegro to Moscow, Minsk, Budapest, Prague and back.

The schedule of shuttling international railway trains to Moscow, Minsk and Prague during the summer season usually operates as a part of day trains with departure in the morning from the city of Bar and from Podgorica.

Approximate prices for railway tickets:

The price of the ticket in sleeping cars along the route Bar-Moscow is about 240 euros / person, Podgorica-Moscow - about 230 euros / person.
The price of the ticket in sleeping cars along the route Bar-Minsk is about 200 euros / person, Podgorica-Minsk - 190 euros / person.
The cost of one ticket in sleeping cars along the route Bar-Prague-Bar is about 250 euros / person,
The price of the Podgorica-Prague-Podgorica ticket is about 240 euros / person. The cost of booking a seat is 3 euros.
The cost of the ticket in the compartment on the route Bar - Budapest is about 60 euros / person, and from Podgorica to Budapest - 55 euro / person.
The cost of the ticket in the sleeping car along the route Bar - Budapest - 70 euro / person, Podgorica-Budapest - 60 euro / person.

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