Taxi and shuttle service in Montenegro

Taxi in Montenegro is practically an alternative to the public city transport. It is used actively not only by tourists, but also by locals, as the taxi is quite comfortable, fast and comparatively inexpensive if you use proven and licensed taxi with clear tariffs. During the season, prices for taxi are getting higher, but they don’t range much in different companies, as...

Auto rental in Montenegro

We offer you a simple and convenient service for searching and renting cars throughout Montenegro. The most popular cars in Montenegro of any class, only proven rental companies, real price without additional hidden commissions, as well as filter of cars by various parameters - all this is available on our website and in the application "Guide around Montenegro / Way to...

Rent a scooter / bike in Montenegro

Do you like speed and unlimited abilities of driving on the roads of Montenegro? Then our motorcycle rental service in Montenegro is ideal for you. Fans of two-wheeled transport are offered our rental service, rent of motorcycles and scooters in many cities of Montenegro. We give in rent all kinds of motorcycles (classic urban, touristic, off-road, racing, cruiser,...

Rent a bicycle in Montenegro

If cycling in Montenegro is to your liking, this section is for you. Here we offer only the best models in their categories from the verified Montenegrin companies. Our bike rental service will give you a fairly low prices and variety of high-quality bicycles of various sizes. All bikes provided by the most well-known manufacturers are ideal for full travel across the...

Rent a yacht in Montenegro

Recently, rent of yachts, motor boats and boats in Montenegro has become increasingly popular pastime for both residents and visitors of this Balkan country on the Adriatic coast. And this is not surprising, because everyone wants to spend a holiday or significant event as saturated and bright as possible, and gatherings in cafes and restaurants have become routine to...

City transport

Urban and suburban passenger transport in Montenegro is quite popular among both locals and tourists. In Montenegro, there is a fairly broad and extensive network of different routes of buses and jitneys. Regular trips and relatively low price make the trip by urban transport of Montenegro one of the most accessible and popular means of transport for the general public....

Railway transport

Railway in Montenegro is one of the forms of public transport, not less popular with tourists than buses or rental cars. The total length of the network is 250 km (including electrified 162 km). Track width is standard (1435mm). The network of Montenegro Railways has 121 tunnels with a total length of almost 58 km. In general, we can say that the railway network in...

Water transport in Montenegro

In this article, we have collected data on water transport in Montenegro, which carries out transportation of passengers and goods by sea, lakes, canals, along the coast, as well as in transoceanic voyages. Routes of water transport of Montenegro, ticket prices, timetables, as well as photos of ferries, ships and liners with interesting facts about them - all this you can...

Transport service and maintenance

We named “Transport services” any activities undertaken by transport companies in Montenegro for their customers for a fee. In this section we have collected all kinds of transport services and the necessary car service throughout Montenegro with addresses, phone numbers, photos and reviews. In addition, here you can get acquainted in detail with all kinds of services...

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