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Crna Gora is a local name of a hospitable country of Montenegro. It is located on the territory of Balkan Peninsula. The total area is 13 812m2. The total population is 621 383 people, whereof 43% the Montenegrins, 32% the Serbs, 8% the Bosnians, 5% the Albanians, 1% the Croats, 1% the Romans etc. The national language of Montenegro is Montenegrin-Serb language, Bosnian and Croatian languages, but people also speak special ije accent. Podgorica is the capital and the biggest city of Montenegro. Also Montenegro has the second historical and cultural capital Cetinje.
Adriatic coast is washed by Adriatic sea, the length of the coastline is 300km. Montenegro is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo republic to the east and Albania to the south-east.
Conditionally the territory can be divided into 3 parts: seashore with coast resorts, relatively flat central part with 2 big cities Podgorica and Niksic, the northland with mountain systems and an incredibly beautiful nature.
Beaches with sky-blue transparent water
The whole coast is divided into numerous rivieras named after the main cities: Budva Riviera, Bar Riviera, Kotor Riviera, Ulcinj Riviera, Herceg Novi Riviera and Tivat Riviera.

The total length of the beaches is 73km. Water transparency in some places exceeds 356 meters. Most of the beaches in Montenegro are gravel, though there are many sand beaches and with water entry made with concrete.
Weather and climate
Coastal zone has Mediterranean climate. Usually summer is long and hot with an average temperature +23 - +25°C. It is quite dry. In winter the temperature falls below +3 — +7 °C seldom, but humidity is high and it rains heavily. Mountainous area has moderately continental climate with moderately warm summer +19 — +25 ° and cold winter +5 до −10 °C with falls in the form of snow. Snow cover is held up to 5 months per year.
 This amazing country impresses with its nature. 1/10 of all territory of Montenegro is covered by Natural parks: Skadar Lake National Park, Lovcen National Park, Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Prokletije. The vegetable world of these nature conservancy zones is amazingly rich and counts 2833 species of plant, of which 212 species are endemic. Forests and forestlands constitute more than 40% of the territory. There is Tara Canyon, which is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second one by size in the world.
Cultural heritage
Almost every town in Montenegro has Old Town preserved up to now. Among the famous ones are Old Town of Budva, Kotor, Bar, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi and many abandoned fortresses.
Simple and delicious national cuisine
Montenegrin cuisine will become a real distraction for meat lovers. Numerous dishes are cooked from fresh meat: Cevapi, Pljeskavica, beefsteak, Карађорђева schnitzel and meat under sač... this list is endless. Even fast food is extremely delicious: hamburgers and giros. Besides, taking into account that the country is coastal, there is a wide choice of fresh fish and seafood. Any sweet tooth will definitely enjoy big portions of desserts.
Affordable prices
If to compare price level with other European countries, in Montenegro you will be surprised pleasantly with the prices in public places, restaurants and cost of accommodation, despite the local currency is Euro.
Religious country
The biggest part of Montenegro, which is 75% of population, is Orthodox Christians. Almost 18% of people living in Ulcinj Riviera, on the border with Albania, profess Islam. And just 4% profess Catholicism. An amazing fact, but all these tree religions respect each other. Actually, each village has a church or a monastery with its unique history. The most famous among them are Cetinje Monastery, Ostrog Monastery, Piva Monastery, Moraca Monastery and many others.
The most pleasant thing that Montenegro is visa free country. The Ukrainians, the Russians and the Belarusians do not need visa. Stay in a country is limited to 1 month for the Russians and the Belarusians and 3 months for the Ukrainians.
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