Transport service and maintenance

Gas station in Montenegro

 Looking for a patrol (gas) stations in Montenegro? On our website and in the application there is a wide choice of petrol stations in Montenegro and neighboring countries. Go to the object, you can find out more information - address and geo position on the map, phone numbers, description, photos and reviews. Here you always find only the latest and most detailed...

Traffic rules and fines in Montenegro

 Fines in Montenegro, as in many other countries, have their own specifics and payment range. In usual cases, the minimum penalty is assigned, but aggravating factors may increase the penalty. Such factors may be as abusing interaction of a driver with the police, repeated violations, serious violations of alcohol or drugs, etc. In this article we will explain what...

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We named “Transport services” any activities undertaken by transport companies in Montenegro for their customers for a fee. In this section we have collected all kinds of transport services and the necessary car service throughout Montenegro with addresses, phone numbers, photos and reviews. In addition, here you can get acquainted in detail with all kinds of services that provide the best (in our opinion) and proven transport companies, car showrooms and shops on the territory of Montenegro.
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