For children

ZOO and entertainment parks

Montenegro is proud of its zoos, in which there live a wide variety of animals: from local birds and animals to exotic inhabitants of savannas and deserts. In order not to waste time on vacation to visit all the parks, it is better to familiarize yourself with each of them in our section in advance. Here you will find detailed information about what kind of entertainment...

Animators, clowns, mimes, leading

Many families specifically plan their trip to Montenegro to celebrate the child's birthday there or their own. Some friends join in a big company to have fun celebrating this event outside their homeland. In this section you will find all the data and coordinates of the best and most responsible organizers and assistants - leading, clowns, mimes and animators in...

Playing rooms

In any large shopping center or amusement park in Montenegro, there are necessarily comfortable playrooms in which children can play under the supervision of professional animators. Rooms for children regularly come up with joint fun holidays and classes for children of all ages. It can be fun sports competitions or joint drawing of a huge picture, when each child draws...

Playgrounds for children

Montenegro is one of the most favorite destinations for families with children. Every year thousands of children bathe, get tanned and play on the local coast of the Adriatic Sea. In all the resort towns of Montenegro there is a huge amount of entertainment for children of all ages. On local playgrounds, children are always having fun, riding on slides and building houses...

Toys and clothes shops

When traveling abroad, tourists always want to go and see what is sold in children's clothing and shoes stores in a foreign country. People always and everywhere want to dress their children stylishly and beautifully and Montenegro in this regard is also no exception. In any city and locality of Montenegro there is always a sufficient choice of both outerwear and...

Babysitters, nurses

During a family trip to Montenegro, moms and dads also sometimes want to be alone and have a rest without children. The services of nannies and baby-sitters are very much in demand in this country both among local residents and among visiting tourists. You do not want to hire the fist person you have met, because you give the most precious in life - you loved ones. In the...

Sport clubs and groups

People in Montenegro appreciate and are very fond of sport. Many residents constantly visit various sports clubs and sections, the good choice here is simply huge - from checkers and chess to tennis, dance schools and football academies. If the family has come to rest in Montenegro for several weeks or months, it will be both interesting and useful for children and adults...

Adults note...

When you're a mom or dad, you have to think through each of your moves and the child's actions a hundred steps forward, and also be prepared to any situation. This is especially important when you go abroad with your whole family. Montenegro is a beautiful and hospitable country, which is always pleasant to visit, however, if you trust the occasion and let all the issues...

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