In Montenegro, the network of pharmacies is very developed, which means that literally in walking distance there is always one of them. Of course, it is better to know in advance the exact address of the pharmacy and woking hours in order to be aware of and not fuss when you need to buy some medicine or pills urgently. There are also on-duty pharmacies that work around...

Hospitals and clinics

Modern hospitals and polyclinics are in every locality in Montenegro, so do not be afraid that you will stay away from civilization in case of any health problems. Montenegrin doctors have all the necessary equipment and auxiliary materials. Read detailed information about the location of the hospitals or clinics, as well as the conditions for providing services for...


Medical help for the citizens of Montenegro (including Russian speaking), and also for tourists with medical insurance. Counseling services, diagnostics, treatment, medical certificates for kindergarten and school, nursing for newborn, support of milk-ejecting activity and nursing mother's health, principles of providing biekost for infants, counseling services as for...


In small specialized shops in the resort towns of Montenegro, you can find handmade cosmetics with the addition of natural oils. Local people especially like soap and washing means with the scent of lavender. Many tourists prefer to bring such authentic local cosmetics as souvenirs - both pleasant and useful.


On vacation, you want to relax completely, and without competent and professional massage it is almost impossible. In Montenegro, there are a lot of good masseurs who will help to get rid of the tightness in the muscles and the pain in the neck, back or joints. The local massage salons offer a variety of services: from traditional massages to Ayurvedic treatments....


Sometimes a tooth starts to ache all of a sudden during rest - an old filling has flown out, the tooth canal has inflamed or a tooth has broken off from an unsuccessful bite of solid food. With none of these problems, rest on is impossible and sometimes just unbearable. An urgent visit to the dentist is inevitable. But do not worry - in Montenegro, in almost every city...

Animal clinic

Montenegro is an amazingly hospitable country, which gladly accepts tourists from all over the world. The same applies to our smaller brothers. Many tourists and travelers gladly take their pets with them, knowing full well that in case of any problems they will easily find a good veterinary clinic. Do not worry - in every area of ​​Montenegro there is a veterinary clinic...

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