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Foody Club - food ordering service

Foody Club is a single service, the web site of which presents the best cafes and restaurants in Montenegro offering food delivery to your home, office or any specified location. Our goal is to provide our users with the best conditions for fast, convenient and low-cost implementation of orders. Most importantly, our services are free of charge, all the food is delivered...

Cafes, bars, pubs

Cafes, night bars, national pubs and taverns of Montenegro... how many interesting things are hidden behind these words! Dance party with friends, catchy music, crazy dancing until dawn, new friends, delicious alcoholic cocktails or soft drinks! Yes, as long as there is a desire, effort and time, it is necessary to visit at least some of these establishments, and we'll...


Montenegro offers its visitors and residents a huge variety of restaurants in all the cities on the coast and in the central part of the country. These places are perfect for any occasion: a business meeting, a family celebration, banquet or feast, birthday, wedding party or a romantic dinner for two. A variety of areas and types of cuisine will please any gourmet:...


Flavorful, aromatic, tasty pizza on thin pastry in Montenegro? What could be more attractive? In this section you can find information on the best pizzerias in Montenegro, view photos of the interiors, see the address and geo position of places on the map, learn, where the best pizza is made and read customer reviews. Café - Pizzerias in Montenegro prepare very tasty...

Fast Food

In FAST FOOD restaurants it is possible to grab a bite quickly and cheaply or get take-away, if you don’t have time for a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. French fries, hamburger, hot dog, etc. - all this popular food is offered in such establishments and has fairly high energy value, allowing you to satisfy hunger quickly, and raises vitality for some time. Information...

National food in Montenegro

Walking along the Montenegrin quays or various city streets, you can get crazy about delicious smells of the national food: here fish is grilled and chorba is poured, bureks and palachinkas are baked, coffee is made. It seems it’s high time to talk about traditional Montenegrin cuisine. In this article we will tell about a few popular dishes of Montenegro.

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