Beaches of Montenegro

About the beaches

Montenegro is an amazing country, rich with its unique and various nature. Montenegro has everything: mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons... But still, one of the treasures of Montenegro is a warm and gentle sea. On the different sides of the shore, you will easily find various kinds of beaches: sand, gravel, cobble and pebble/granular, concrete, wild, pine, healing, rocky,...

Herceg Novi Riviera

Herceg Novi Riviera is a wonderful place with the unpronounceable name given by the very nature of Montenegro. This resort is known throughout the world not only by a unique natural beauty, but also by a friendly climate, clean sea air and the aroma of various flowers. Herceg Novi Riviera is located on the northern Adriatic coast, in the bay of Kotor, which is considered...

Kotor and Risan Bay

Kotor and Risan Bays are the most beautiful ones of Montenegro, as well as the deepest part of the Boka Bay. There are no large sandy or pebble beaches typical for other areas of the Montenegrin seaside. Coast of the bay is dotted with numerous concrete piers and wild rocky beaches. On the territory of Kotor and Risan Bays, there are 17 the most popular tourist beaches....

Tivat Bay

Tivat Bay is located in the eastern part of the Kotor Bay and is its shallow part. A distinctive feature of the bay is a variety of beaches - here you can find very small concrete beaches, pier, relatively spacious sandy and pebble beaches, all new artificial and wild rocky beaches. And an abundance of all kinds of Mediterranean vegetation, beautiful nature, clean sea air...

Peninsula Lustica and Grbalj

On the western and southern coast of the peninsula Lustica and Grbalj there are some of the most popular and beautiful wild beaches of Montenegro. Local places are still slightly affected by people, which makes this region a truly amazing and unique. All this, of course, influence the cleanliness of the beach and the coastal areas of sea water only for better. There is a...

Budva Riviera

Budva Riviera is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast and is famous resort area of Montenegro all over the world. It is the largest and most popular tourist center of the country, which is famous primarily for its magnificent sandy beaches and wonderful Mediterranean nature, interesting historic architecture, cultural monuments and pretty lively nightlife....

Bar Riviera

Bar Riviera more democratic and a bit less "popular" place than the Budva Riviera. However, it has no lack of attention from tourists: vacation here is much cheaper and quieter; nature is also great, as in the whole Montenegro; the coast is very picturesque and clean; and not well-developed infrastructure has its advantages - more room for wild secluded relaxation. In...

Ulcinj Riviera

Ulcinj Riviera is the southernmost and one of the sunniest parts of the Montenegrin seaside. Almost all the way down the coast is surrounded by olive groves, tall cypress trees and other quaint Mediterranean vegetation. Riviera has collected a diverse image the entire Montenegro and the Adriatic coast - sandy and pebble beaches for all tastes, the mighty cliffs and dense...

Beach clubs

Beach Clubs in Montenegro have become more and more popular with both tourists and local residents in recent years. Most clubs are mainly located on the beaches of Budva and Ulcinj Riviera, being centers of both daytime and night-time entertainment. Each club in Montenegro has its own individual and unique style, which is reflected both in the appearance of places and...

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