Night of Montenegro

Dance clubs in open air, real local kafanas (cafes) with folk music, clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs ... Choose for yourself whether you want to delve into the Balkan atmosphere and get a shot or two of home vines rhythmically dancing in the company of local youth or comfortably sit in a restaurant in a circle of friends, tasting local delicacies? And maybe even you want...

Night clubs and bars

Nightlife in Montenegro is becoming richer each year, and nightclubs and bars are the most popular among all kinds of entertainment. Popular cities in Montenegro like Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Bar, Petrovac, Herceg Novi, and others, offer a wealth of nightlife to all tastes: from budget and located in open areas along the embankments to the most famous and inspirational with...

Night entertainment

What Montenegro can offer to those who don’t get used to sleep at night? Every night all the popular resort towns of Montenegro open their doors to all lovers of gambling recreation. Here you will find entertainment to all tastes and budgets - the casino, karaoke clubs, strip clubs, night tours, night racing, and more. To date, there are only 5 major casinos in...

Traditional drinks

Each country has its own peculiarities of preparation of traditional alcoholic beverages and Montenegro is not an exception. For decades, the traditional Montenegrin alcoholic drinks are popular with tourists from all over the world and become a souvenir, reminding of the country long time ago. The culture of alcohol consumption in Montenegro has a long tradition. In the...

Catalog of cocktails

Cocktails are delicious drinks, without which any party isn’t held! In this section you will find a few popular recipes of domestic alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails that are perfect for friendly parties and family celebrations. The cocktail is prepared by mixing several ingredients. The main component of alcoholic drinks is usually strong drink: rum, whiskey, vodka,...

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