Traffic rules and fines in Montenegro

Traffic fines
Traffic fines in Montenegro have a range. Usually the smallest possible amount for a fine is applied. However, under aggravating circumstances fine can be exceeded. Such circumstances can be negative or provocative driver's behavior toward to police officer, repeated violation of traffic safety rules, extreme violations, etc. At the very end of this article I will tell you how to avoid troubles when communicating with the officers.

Given below traffic fines provided in "Road traffic laws of Montenegro" came into effect in January, 2013.

 30 — 80 Euros
  • speeding up to 10 km/h from the allowed limit outside of towns
  • not using of dim light during driving daytime
40 — 100 Euros
  • speeding up to 10 km/h within of towns and 10-30km/h outside of towns,
  • not wearing a seatbelt when it specified by producer (including passengers),
  • carriage of children up to 5 years without child safety seat,
  • not using of side turn signals within the stipulated time.
60 — 150 Euros
  • speeding up to 10-20 km/h within of towns and 30-40 km/h outside of towns,
  • using of telephone while driving,
  • carriage of children up to 12 years on front seat without child safety seat and passengers in a state of intoxication. All children up to 5 years should be carrying in child safety seat during driving. Just a baby under 3years can be carried on front seat in child safety seat.
  • committing an illegal U-turn,
  • driving moped or motorcycle without a helmet (driver and passenger),
  • crossing the road in a wrong place or during red traffic light,
  • absence of vehicle registration certificate or license plate (while active vehicle registration),
  • not using of winter equipment during winter period (from November 15 till Mach 30 each year). If it rains or clear ice on the road, so the fine is imposed from 80 to 300 Euros.
 winter equipment: snow tyres marked M+S with snowflake should be used over drive wheels, snow chain of the corresponded size should be in a car, tread depth for all wheels should be not less than 4mm.  
70 — 200 Euros
  • speeding up to 20-30 km/h within of towns and 40-50 km/h outside of towns,
  • blood alcohol content from 0,3 to 0,5 permille. 0,3 permille is an allowed level of blood alcohol content in Montenegro.
  • driving over the territory, which is not provided for vehicles (lawn, pedestrian-way, etc.),
  • driving on a one way road except in the direction permitted,
  • illegal parking (including rules violation of paid parking).
 80 — 300 Euros
  • transporting of bigger quantity of passengers than indicated in vehicle registration certificate,
  • not using of winter equipment in winter season (from November 15 till Mach 30 each year), while driving by snow or clear ice.
100 — 450 Euros
  • speeding up to 30-50 km/h within of towns and 50-70 km/h outside of towns,
  • most of driving regulation violations made during overtaking,
  • not allowing pedestrian to cross pedestrian crossing (including pedestrian intending to step over pedestrian crossing),
  • running through a red and yellow lights. Running through yellow light is allowed just in cases avoiding using emergency brake and creating accident.
  • violation of priority driving rules,
  • driving unregistered vehicle or one with exceeded terms.
150 — 1 000 Euros
  • speeding up to 50-70 km/h within of towns and 70-90 km/h outside of towns,
  • using (including presence in a car and even advertisement) of radar detectors and other devices for revealing and committing disfunction of devices for speed recording and capturing other traffic violations.
  • wrong-way driving,
  • endangering traffic of other  vehicles while overtaking or overriding,
  • Montenegrin driver license absence or absence of foreign driver license (see comment above),
  • keep driving under police request to stop.
300 — 2 000 Euros or up to 60 days imprisonment.
  • speeding up to 70 km/h within of towns and 90 km/h outside of towns,
  • blood alcohol content 0,5 permille and over,
  • refusal of blood alcohol-level and other intoxicants measurement with the help of sobriety test or medical analysis.
The procedure of fine processing for foreigner...
So, you were stopped by policeman, who introduced himself and asked your documents. As a rule, it's enough to show your driver license, vehicle registration certificate and rent a car agreement. Then policeman will announce violation you committed and propose to follow to his car. There he issues a protocol describing your violation and rewrite a set of documents he confiscates until fine is being paid: driver license, vehicle registration certificate. Besides, usually policemen want to confiscate your passport as well, but they do have right to do it. That is why you may answer, that you have left it at the hotel / apartment / home. After a protocol is being processed, a policeman sets a time for you to show at the court of a town, where violation was committed. In other words, if you committed violation near Kolasin, so you should go to the court of Kolasin. And it does not matter where you live. Usually, court is open till 11a.m., 12p.m. on weekdays. Policeman checks all confiscated documents and copy of protocol to the police department at the end of his shift. Then documents are referred to the court. As a rule, there is a judge at every police department, who sets penalty exceptionally for traffic rules violation. However, usual civil court can be located in other building and even other town.

At the fixed time you should attend the police judge. The judge has a range of accepted penalties and sets an amount depending the circumstances led to violation and your behavior (penitence is welcome). Then judge issues a note, supporting document, which includes payment details via bank or post office. One note is for one violation. Plus, a separate note to pay court fees. Usually it is 20 Euros.You go to the nearest bank with these notes or post office (ask judge which one is the nearest). Ask for a payment form for each note. Every bank has 3 copies of payment form you fill via carbon paper. Fill in all required fields. Below, you fill find an example how to fill in the form. Fill in just checked fields if otherwise is not stipulated in a supporting document (note). After your payment form is being filled and paid, you get 2 copies out of each form. Come back to judge and give each one copy. If you have done everything right, judge gives you your documents. This is the end and you are free.
How to funk difficulties while paying fee
First, at the very beginning, when policeman has confiscated your documents, but has not started filling in protocol, you may ask him to pay fee right here. It goes without saying, that it is illegal, but when your fee is small (less than 100 Euros) policeman can consider your request. In this case try to propose a half of an actual fee or less.

Second, regret profoundly about committed violation and apologize. Try to get policeman involved into discussion, be positive by answering questions about life. There is just a chance, that you will be allowed to go without paying fee. The best it works for girls.

Third, while speaking to policeman or judge, be as polite and respectful as you can. Any aggression or "trying to play boss" just gets situation worst. In Montenegro policemen are pleasant and friendly like the rest of people, therefore you should try to comply with them.
 The consequences of traffic rules violation
How to avoid paying a fine

No one can feel secured against problems, but we propose you to learn what fines are designated for traffic rules violation in Montenegro, about the procedure and how to avoid this.

Every traffic rules violation in Montenegro comprises minimum and maximum fine amount. Usually, preference is given to minimum amount, but it can be increased significantly under certain aggravating circumstances.

We offer you to acknowledge with the list of the main fines defined by "Road Traffic Safety Act of Montenegro" dated July 6, 2012 (and came into force on January 2013).
In Montenegro, a driver and passengers sitting on the front and back seats should use safety belts. In case of this rule violation, the fine is defined from 40 up to 100 Euros. If you drive motorcycle or moped, a driver and a passenger should use a helmet.

The fine stipulated for this rule violation is 60-150 Euros.
Dim light is compulsory when driving any time of the day. Violation of this rule at the day time requires fine from 30 to 80 Euros.

If such violation happens at night, be ready to pay from 60 to 150 Euros. It is prescribed to use a special winter equipment: snow tyres marked M+S with snowflake should be used over drive wheels, snow chain of the corresponded size should be in a car, tread depth for all wheels should be not less than 4mm.

Violation of this rule will cost a driver 60-150 Euros. If snow or clear ice happen on the road, the fine will be 80-300 Euros.

Besides, it is prohibited to use mobile phones without hands free. A driver committed this violation, should pay 60-150 Euros. Special attention is carrying out for children transportation: children under 5 years should be transported just in a special child seat, otherwise driver pays a fine 40-100 Euros. Children under 2 and over 12 years (without a seat) should be transported exceptionally in a special child seat on the front seat. Otherwise driver pays a fine 60-150 Euros.  
It is prohibited to drive drunk in Montenegro. Maximum blood alcohol content consists 0,3 permille. In case blood alcohol content exceeds this level, there is not only a fine applied, but also disqualification from driving.

The fine amount depends on sobriety test level: under 0,5 permille the fine is 70-200 Euros, above 0,5 permille the fine is 300-2000 Euros. If it exceeds 1 permille, there is not only a fine is applied, but also imprisonment up to 60 days. The same severe punishment will be applied for those who refuse to take sobriety test.         

The fine is also may be applied for a passenger sitting on the front seat, 60-150 Euros.
Non-compliance of documents
According to the law, a foreign driver should have not only foreign driver license, but an international one, otherwise a fine is stipulated 30-80 Euros. But experienced travelers state that usual driver license is enough and inspectors never ask to show international driver license.   

If you do not have registration certificate for your vehicle or car license plate, but you have registration, 60-150 Euro fine will be applied. For driving unregistered vehicle or one with expired registration, there is a danger of more serious fine - 100-450 Euros.

There is possibility to get a fine for exceeding passengers' quantity - 80-300 Euros.
Amount of the fine for speeding depends on the level of speeding. There is speed limit within of towns - 50km/h and 80 km/h outside of towns, on auto-road - 100km/h, and for highway - 130km/h.

Speeding within of towns the following fines are applied:
for 10km/h - 40-100 €,
from 11 to 20 km/h - 40-150 €,
from 21 to 30 km/h - 70-200 €,
from 31 to 50 km/h – 100-450 €,
from 51 to 70 km/h – 150-1000 €,
from 71 km/h and more - 300-2000 €. 
Speeding outside of towns the following fines are applied:
for 10 km/h and below - 30-80 €,
from 11 to 30 km/h – 40-100 €,
from 31 to 40 km/h – 60-150 €,
from 41 to 50 km/h – 70-200 €,
from 51 to 70 km/h – 100-450 €,
from 71 to 90 km/h – 150-100 €.

If you have exceeded speed limit for more than 91km/h, be ready to pay fine 300-2000 €.  
Besides, take into account, that speeding for more than 70km/h within town and 90km/h outside town may imply imprisonment up to 60 days.

Do not rely on radar detector: there is a fine specified not only for using but also for presence, saving and even advertisement of radar detectors and other devices for revealing and committing disfunction of devices for speed recording and capturing other traffic violations
Other violations
Not using of turn signals can cost a driver 40-100 €. Illegal U-turn implies fine 60-150 €. If to drive the territory that is not meant for cars, be ready to pay 70-200 €. The same fine is for illegal parking and driving wrong way on one-way road.

Almost all traffic rules violations while overtaking and traffic priority ignoring imply fine from 100 to 450 €. The same fine is for driving on red or yellow light and not giving the road to pedestrian. Yellow lights running is allowed just in case preventing emergency brake application and causing accident condition. 

One can get a substantial fine from 150 to 1000 € for driving in the oncoming traffic lane, causing accident situation when overtaking or passing-by, and keep moving after a policeman showed stop gesture.

Even being out of vehicle one can be ticketed. Specifically for jaywalking or when red light - from 60 to 150€.
How to reduce a fine.
The policemen are prone to ticket minimum fines to road traffic offenders, who polite and respectful. The officers look with favor on those who start conversation and answers questions about life. It is a good practice to regret sincerely and apologize. In some cases police can make concessions and let offender go without fine, especially it works with the girls.

Some tourists practice half legal way: they ask policeman let the payment before filling in the protocol.

If it is a minor violation, lawman can do such a favor. On top of that, he can agree on a half of the fine payment.
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