National food in Montenegro

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Walking along any Montenegrin quay, one can get crazy for delicious smell. Fish is grilled and Čorba is served Here, Burek and Palachinke are baked there, coffee is made in this place. It seems the time to talk about Montenegrin cuisine. Let's tell about some popular dishes.
Pljeskavica and Cevapi. Pljeskavica is a big round flat cutlet made of chopped meat. Ćevapi are small sausages made of minced meat. Pljeskavica and Cevapi are cooked on grill (a local name for grill is roshtill). You can try it at any restaurant of traditional Balcan cuisine or buy at the shop like semi-product. Besides, meat dishes are grilled at any stall along the quay. Pljeskavica can be wrapped in Lavash upon request and you will get a kind of hamburger. The most amazing thing, that it is impossible to find 2 Pljeskavicas or 2 Cevapi of the same taste. Every restaurant has its own receipt, for example, cheese and bacon are added sometimes (gourmet Pljeskavica), sometimes mushrooms (stuffed Pljeskavica), spices and onion. It is recommended to wash down this viand with beer or Dunja (strong alcoholic drink made of quince.

Corba is a thick soup, which is cooked in all Balkan countries. The most popular kinds of Čorba in Montenegro are fish (Riblja Čorba) and veal (Teleća Čorba). If you order čorba in a restaurant, it will be served in special pot and then poured in bowls. It is especially tasty with hot fresh bread. Besides, in most of the restaurants bread is served free.

Burek. This dish came from Balkan and Turkish cuisine. It is a hot cake made with hojaldre with mincemeat or soft-ripened cheese. In Montenegro Bureks are sold in any bakery. Many people prefer to wash down Burek with kefir or soured yogurt.

Shopska salad (Šopska salata). This is a traditional salad in many Eastern European countries and the most popular in Montenegro. The ingredients are simple: fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, onion and salt cheese (mainly Feta), vinegar and olive oil. You can make this salad at home easily. Often in a restaurant menu, it goes hand in hand with Serbskiy salad (Srpska salata). As a fact, this is the same salad seasoned well with hot chili pepper.

Sweets. It is an endless talking about sweets in Montenegro. There is a separate article about it.  

In conclusion, there is an advice. In the restaurants, Pljeskavica is served with French fries and fresh vegetables, so there is no need to order salad. It is better to leave some space for desserts.

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