Airport Dubrovnik
Airport Dubrovnik is a international airport in Croatia. It is located about 15 km from the center of Dubrovnik, near the village Chilipi. Therefore, it is sometimes called the "airport of Chilipi". Dubrovnik Airport is considered the third busiest airport by passenger traffic after such as Zagreb and Split. Dubrovnik Airport was officially opened in 1962. But the fighting during the war in Croatia in the early 90's led to the fact that the airport had to be closed. And it was opened again only in 2000. This airport is spacious enough. It can accommodate a large number of tourists. In 1987, Dubrovnik showed the maximum load, transported 1.5 million passengers and 2500 tons of cargo. In May 2010, an additional new terminal was opened. The capacity of which is up to 2 million tourists a year.  
Airport Podgorica
Airport Podgorica
The airport in Podgorica is currently the largest one in Montenegro. It is located at a distance of 11 km to the south of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica and just one hour drive to the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the main resort towns - Budva, Bar, Petrovac, etc. Flights to Podgorica are carried out practically from any airport in the world, which allows thousands of tourists from different countries to visit this wonderful mountainous country. Sometimes this airport is called Golubovici, because this is the name of the nearest town to the airport. In May 2006, the airport opened a new terminal area of 5.5 square kilometers, since the load on the air routes of Montenegro became bigger and bigger every year, and the old terminal, serving for domestic as well as for international flights, could no longer cope with flow. As in the old terminal there was only one outlet to the departures, then in the new terminal there are eight of them. The new terminal is designed to provide service for about 1 million people a year. On the territory of the airport, the work is constantly being carried out to create a quality service for passengers, their convenient placement and pastime, lighting and energy saving. Podgorica...

Airport Tivat
Airport Tivat
Airport Tivat is the international airport of the Montenegrin resort. From this airport all-the-year-round flights to Moscow and Belgrade are carried out. The main flow of flights in various directions is concentrated mainly for the summer period. Basically, these are charter flights that are in demand among the tourists. Tivat Airport is located in a good location. Not far from Budva, respectively Tivat and Kotor. Tivat Airport was built in 1971. The landing strip is 2500 meters long and is located along the Bay of Kotor. During the takeoff or landing of the aircraft, you can observe the beautiful nature of Montenegrin terrain. Tivat Airport is able to serve up to 6 flights per hour. Very roomy, comfortable and tidy.  
Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade
Nikola Tesla Airport is the international airport in Belgrade, Serbia. Its name was given in honor of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. It is the largest and the most crowded airport in Serbia. There is an airport 12 km to the west of the city of Belgrade, 98 meters above sea level. Big enough. It carries out year-round flights from Europe and Russia. There are two terminals completely renovated in 2006. There are many places to wait for a flight, various cafes and shops.  

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In recent years, people are increasingly choosing air transport for long-distance and international traffic. This section provides all the necessary information about airports in Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia, with descriptions, photos, reviews of passengers and basic contact information. All airports are located in the area of transport accessibility and one can get to them by bus, own or rent car or taxi.

The infrastructure of all airports (Tivat (TIV), Podgorica (TGD), Dubrovnik (DBV), Belgrade (BEG), etc.), includes everything for convenient and comfortable air travel: various canteens, cafes and restaurants, lounges and waiting rooms, hotels, children's rooms, parking, communication facilities, health centers, a network of shops.
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