About the beaches

Montenegro is an amazing country, rich with its unique and various nature. Montenegro has everything: mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons... But still, one of the treasures of Montenegro is a warm and gentle sea. On the different sides of the shore, you will easily find various kinds of beaches: sand, gravel, cobble and pebble/granular, concrete, wild, pine, healing, rocky, unusual "colored" or nudists beaches with total length of 73 km suited to every fancy and choice!

Sand beaches with natural sand are located just in Ulcinj. In other places, sand is imported to make tourists feel comfortable for sunbathing. 

According to the local law, all beaches are state with few exceptions, for example: the beach on the island of Saint Stefan, just guests of the hotel are allowed to visit the beach. Private establishments have the right to rent the beaches. But at the same time, they have no right to occupy more than 50 percents of beach with paid sun loungers; otherwise sun loungers should be free. 

That is why tourists, who do not want to take sung loungers, can find free space close by. There are cafes, restaurants and shops next to many beaches or on the beaches. In some cases the beaches can be attached to a certain cafe or restaurant. There you can be served with favorite dishes, snacks and beverages directly to your sun lounger.

Beach season in Montenegro.

On a sunny Adriatic shore, beach season starts early. Usually in May, water is about 18 degrees and by the end of August it can reach 30. Tourist traffic is over by the end of September - beginning of October, But some bravehearts swim even in autumn and winter.

When and where to swim with more comfort and "cleanness"?

The most quiet, comfortable and uncrowded by tourists period of time is May, June and the end of September, beginning of October. Exactly in this period of time, the sea in Montenegro is slightly cold, but still comfortable, the sun is mild and there is small tourist traffic, consequently water is not so polluted. If you are looking for privacy with crystal water and without tourists, then you will not like such resorts like Budva, Petrovac and Rafailovici. Usually, there is the biggest tourist traffic there.

Beach prices. 

Price for sung loungers depends on different factors, such as: occupancy, location, popularity... 
Price for a set of 2 sun loungers can be 5 Euros or 100 Euros. In Montenegro the sun lounger is paid not for a certain period of time, but just before you leave sun lounger empty without informing pay clerk about your returning.

The best beaches of Montenegro.

According to the point of view of the majority, the best beaches are in Igalo, Ulcinj riviera and the beach of Sveti Stefan island. The beaches of Igalo are popular with the tourists, who came not just to have some rest, but also to improve health. There is the biggest tourist treatment center of the Mediterranean coast. Also the water of beaches in Igalo is remarkable for its particular transparency and featured by the Blue Flag of UNESCO.

The beach on Sveti Stefan island is not a cheap place for a holiday, but it is famous with its exceptional beautiful look preserved medieval flavour, and by scenic "pictures" opening from the territory of the island. Families with children love Ulcinj very much. First, it is the only place covered with natural sand, not imported. Second, the sea is shallow. You should go straight for a long time to reach its depth. Third, thanks to balzat, which is the main component, sand on the beach has reddish-grey color. It is considered useful in the treatment of locomotor system. 

Rivieras in Montenegro.

Certain parts of the shore consisting of some "city-districts" are called Riviera in Montenegro.

Rivieras in Montenegro and cities attached to them:

Budva Riviera (Budva, Becici, Bar, Rafailovici, Milocer, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Sutomore)
Bar Riviera (Bar)
Kotor Riviera (Kotor, Perast, Risan)
Herceg-Novi Riviera (Herceg-Novi, Igalo, Melinje, Cumbor)
Tivat Riviera (Tivat)
Ulcinj Riviera (Ulcinj)

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